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garmin FR60 - Replacing Battery

Anyone replaced the battery in a FR60 watch ?

I brought it to my local jewler, the girl in the shop said that it wouldn't be waterproof after they had replaced it. Obviously this is no good to me.

I had a look at the manual on the Garmin site and it says you can do it yourself, doesn't mention anything about it not being waterproof after replacing it. Be a bit sh*te if it was anyway !

I'm beginning to think the girl in the shop didn't know what she was on about !

Anyone replaced there's ?


  • QuitterQuitter Posts: 160
    Concerns they wont have the right o ring. some places wont garauntee its waterproof unless its changed at the same time.
    Do it yourself....on a white sheet on the table. Them screws are an arse to find on carpets....and bounce forever on laminate floors!
  • Figured they were just covering their ar*e alright ....

    Thanks for the tip on the white sheet .... can see myself on my knees with a magnifying glass alright !
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