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Running Technique Practical Seminar

Hey everybody,

Just a quick post to make you all aware of a event coming up at the end of July. Kinetic Revolution is holding a Running Technique Practical Seminar for a limited number of attendees at Wellington College, Crowthorne, Berkshire on Saturday 31st July 2010 10am-1pm.

Kinetic Revolution specializes in Running Biomechanical Analysis and Technical Running Coaching. Usually based in Central London, we are holding a number of Running Technique Practical Seminars across The UK and Europe throughout 2010-2011. We currently work with a large number of Triathletes from Absolute Beginners to GB Representatives and Ultra Endurance Athletes.

The Running Technique Practical Seminar lasts 3 hours and follows an interactive format as opposed to being a lecture. The seminar will cover the following:

Kinetic Revolution introduction and overview

Running Biomechanical Analysis practical session

Why and how to optimize your running biomechanics to improve performance and reduce risk of injury

Running technique question and answer session

The aim of the Running Technique Practical Seminar is to enlighten the attendees about the biomechanical influences which affect running technique and therefore impact on efficiency, subsequent performance and also the risk of overuse injury. Not only how to identify these factors, but just as importantly how to correct them through correct coaching.

This 3 hour Running Technique Practical Seminar has a limited capacity of 25 attendees which is filling up fast. Places are allocated on a strictly first come-first served basis and must be booked in advance.

If you'd like to register your interest in attending this event please visit http://www.kineticrevolution.com.

I look forward to meeting more of you,



  • thank you for sharing this interesting and important information!
    this seminar sounds great and i hope one day i could come to it.
    the run technic is very important for improving yours achievements.
    this is the different today between good runner to best runners.
    thank agian!!!
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