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Drafting - I am being a bit thick?

Folks - After watching Windsor this morning I am confused about drafting

I thought you had to stay out of the slipstream of other riders unless passing but at Windsor all the elites were riding in a pack?! Have I got it wrong? And if they can draft why can't us mere mortals?


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Two types of races draft legal - like wot the elites do - and no drafting like wot we do. Reason - TV.

    Draft legal looks good for TV as for those that don't know it looks as if it is all neck and neck and close racing. The reality is if you are sufficiently good enough as a swimmer even though the faster ones have cleared off if you make a big effort you can catch up with the peleton and hang in there (saving 15% effort thank you) and have a chance to recover the expended energy and if you are a good runner then you are in with a chance. So you will have a lead group and chasing groups which makes for exciting TV.

    Non drafting; again the same competitor, the faster ones have buggered off from T1 if you make a big effort to catch up they will gradually lose you as you can't draft and you are unable to recover from your big spurt. You are then left with a long line of cyclist which doesn't look as cut and thrust as a pack or packs, yes there will a battle royale with the leading competitors but it will only be at the run where there is any scope for TV friendly cut n thrust.

    So 10 people in a peleton = exciting TV for ordinary Joe Public
    10 people strung out over 30metres = a long line of cyclists apparantly not doing a lot except for the occassional overtaking manoeuver = yawn 'is I'm a celebrity ice dancing chef in need of Goks fashion fix get me out of here on the other side?'
  • jonnnijonnni Posts: 32
    Aha - thanks for this so no technical reason just to make it more exciting for TV

    As a rubbish swimmer I quite like this idea

    Gosh - I only need to improve my times by 50% and I can join the elites and start drafting
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