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Respiratory Trainers

Been thinking of purchasing one of these - anyone used them before? Are they any good or just a fad?


  • blaze1235blaze1235 Posts: 64
    I am considering getting one too i have done a little research on them.

    I am a Personal trainer as well (not actively working for a long time though).

    The Principles are sound in that in order to improve a muscle it must be subject to increased work load (excercise). Essentially by creating air flow resistance it forces the respiratory muscles to work harder, as with all muscles continued repeated exertion will end in improved performance.

    if you look on google there are a lot of positives but equally negatives.

    Positives are coming from people who used the Power Breath for example over a long period of time negatives seem to be people who used for a couple of weeks got frustrated and threw it in a drawer. I am sure you will find some people on here that have used them.

    There is also a lot of good reports in the medical community for improvements in asthma sufferers so there is something in it.
  • rein08rein08 Posts: 2
    A personal trainer will do help a lot!
    He can guide you all through out.
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