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Can anyone help. Due to the bike being my weakest discipline, I am now trying to spend as much time as possible in the saddle. As a result of this, I am now feeling the effects of the saddle. I notice that Wiggle sell chamois cream. Is this effective? And does anyone have any other suggestions? I am currently wearing a pair of the dhb cycling six panel shorts which seem ok.


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    Free WillyFree Willy Posts: 63
    Yes Chamois cream does help, it not only stops the chaffing it will also prolong the life of the chamois if you follow the guidelines about putting some on after washing the shorts (before drying). I have used Assos Chamois cream and Udderly Smooth (probikekit.com), the Assos appears to have a bit more 'oomph' as it can warm up your 'sensitive bits' if you are overly generous on the application! (As it is winter here that extra 'oomph' is sometimes needed).

    I ride a lot and and have several sets of bib n knicks/shorts and rotate them so that helps as well, do not skimp on getting a decent set of shorts as a good pair will last quite a long time and they do take a bit of a bashing (well with my weight they do anyway). Makes of shorts I have used and can recommend include Sugoi (Formula FX Chamois), Nalini Chamois + gel. Both of these makes have got me around several HIM and a couple of IM, not to mention the training involved. I 'recycle' old shorts for use on the indoor trainer (short sessions only < 1hr, otherwise a good set is needed).

    Hope this helps in some way.

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    First timerFirst timer Posts: 139
    It has to be my old mate SUDOCREAM...It will stop any sorness in its tracks when applied on the parts that need before and after a long ride.

    I know this cos that little tub of magic was my best friend last year when i rode from John O'Groats to Lands end in just 12 days.

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    aero blobaero blob Posts: 29
    Hi there

    Are you getting general saddle discomfort or is more specific (for example on your soft tissues when forward and down on the tri bars?). If its general discomfort I'd defo go with the comments on chamois creams which can also help prevent infections which can be quite nasty and can be caused by discomfort going unchecked and can keep you off the bike for long periods too.

    if its more specific to certain postions then it might well pay to look at the saddle itself. For example if it is when you're on the tribars and you're getting discomfort from sitting forward on the nose of the saddle then there are saddles designed to ease this - tri specific saddles. These do vary enormously in effectiveness in our experience - we love the SLR T1 at the mo! Some riders do things like dropping the nose of the saddle which it is most likely not designed to do so best avoided.

    It might just be worth trying another saddle any way just to give you something to compare with your existing one. There are some great ones and some frankly dangerous ones out there in my opinion - let comfort be your guide!


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    Cheers for the replys. Have started using the old Sudocream but will definitely look at another saddle. Am enjoying being on the bike up to the point where everything starts rubbing!!!! Also, after some time I start going numb in the vital areas and this obviously worries me!!
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    Hey C.T.

    If going numb where you just aint supposed to is your problem, then maybe a grooved seat would be the go.

    Pretty sure these are designed to relieve the pressure on the nerve in question - whatever it is called.

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