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Help Blisters

Need some Help.

I just started training for tri and runs were never more than 5k in the past

Everytime i start upping my mileage and pushing myself when running i get a huge blister on the inside of my right foot. seems as soon as i start going to 5 miles or more it starts to split and crack

Is there anything i can do to protect my feet from these blisters i've tried talc i've tried vaseline the rub on stick.

I want to start training for a half IM next year getting the mileage in consistantly and can see this as making the training real no no.

running needs work as it is my worst discipline every time i get somewhere i am hampered with blisters


  • SuttsSutts Posts: 10
    I also suffer with blisters. The key has been finding the right shoes that minimise and tendency towards rubbing YOUR feet, then making sure you have good socks and the are on the foot correctly. You could try 2 pairs of socks..one very thin pair under a normal pair of socks. The socks then rub each other rather than your skin. I haven't found any lubes that I find work for me.

    Go easy at first slowly toughening up you skin, you want to run until a blister is just about to form and then let that completely heal. If you can't be bothered to go slow with it then duct tape works at preventing blisters, much the same way as the double sock. Just tape over your blister prone spots. But it can come lose/crease and cause an even worse blister.

    As for treating them. I use super glue. Any super glue works, I get a pack of 10-12 from the 99p store. With a clean needle pop the blister at the corner or base, then run you finger along it squeezing out all the juice. The idea is to get all the juice out but you want to avoid getting any air bubbles in. Then put a big blob of super glue over the top of it all. The glue may sting a slightly (nothing I wouldn't let a kid experience). Once dry the glue protects the blister, you can swim cycle and run (try and give it a day to recover before running). The glue will peel/fall off after 3 or 4 days. The top layer of skin quite often retakes, or just lasts a few weeks but long enough for the new skin to form and seems to come back slightly more resilient to blistering.

    Some people use a syringe to pull out the juice and then refill with iodine! I've never tried this but have heard guys on the marathon des sables doing it. I just take a day off!

    Good luck.
  • blaze1235blaze1235 Posts: 64
    Thanks Sutts,

    i am in Lanzarote at the moment and the latest monster hole in foot has come from 2 5 milers up the side of a mountain. exhilerating and a test of my metal but bloody painful

    i have put compeed on just so i can walk around and go in the pool however the superglue tactic sounds good, especially as you kow it is safe as it was designed to hold US soldiers together in vietnam.

    I was hunting for preventative measures and came up with this so thought i would give it a go

    http://www.goengo.co.uk/preventing-blis ... tches.aspx

    had my trainers fitted properly at runners needs in the city so think i got it right with Saucony's most comfortable yet

    and just ordered some more socks so hopefully things will get better
  • QuitterQuitter Posts: 160
    Duct tape worked for me at London on Sunday...blister free for the first time!

    However I now have a ruddy great blood blister on the tip of my second toe and the nail is all black which I suspect is from running down the ramp out of the arena.

    If its not one thing its another.
  • wraghwragh Posts: 6
    You can get those 2nd skin type pads which are totally waterproof and really do minimise blisters. I can't remember what they are called, but they are stick on. Put them on before a training session or race and you'll be fine.
  • CBDCBD Posts: 4
    Compeed is a fantastic healer; and their rub on stick is also a good preventer - just make sure you get them stuck on properly or they will come off and get stuck on your socks.

    Foot "hardening" of any sort is a big No No; it can and does cause cracking which will result in soreness and infection = time off training!

    I found that zinc tape or elastoplast type fabric bandage tape was best.

    As for bursting them; as outlined above is the best way, however to avoid infection and pain, use obviously a sterilised needle (60seconds in a match flame, do not wipe carbon off!); wipe the blister with an alcohol wipe to clean, then prick two holes, one each at opposing ends, use cotton woll to press down slowly expressing the fluid. At this point I would recomend using a circular corn plaster so that air gets to the blister however, if you ar eafter a quick fix or need to be back running ASAP, Superglue is great - based on years of trail side foot repairs as an RM..
  • CBD

    thanks mate blimey i think i posted this in June after a gruelling 4 miles in the mountain in Lanzarote.

    Bodyglide appers to have fixed my problem now no blisters at all.

    vaseline used today as well but then my feet were stil lnumb from the cold of the swim when i put my trainers on.
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