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Dextro Hyde Park 25 July

dhcmdhcm Posts: 67
I am doing this. Did anyone do it last year? Any tips on the event?

I have heard that there were alot of competitors for the course so some congestion difficulties on the bike leg. I also understand that there are alot more AG entrants this year than last, so guess it might be even worse?

Thanks for any views.


  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    I did it last year and didn't find congenstion too much of a problem, however the marshals did let people cross who decided to stroll as slow as possible with a suitcase trailing behind them, so they got a scream to hurry up (i may not have used those two exact words). I thought the course was ood, but watch out for the boxed over speed bumps - i took a shot off the saddle straight to the nuts last year, very painful - and for posterity one of the race photos was about 10 seconds after so i have a very pained expression on my face as i tried not to retch...

    best bit of advice is to enjoy it, pace yourself on the bike as the 2 turns can sap the energy getting back up to speed (practice doing a full 180 turn then sprinting away if you can)
  • DESDES Posts: 2
    Will be there as a volunteer but not racing. Should be fun I think?
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