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I'm new to this....

Can anyone help? I'm competing in my first triathlon a week Sunday. I have most of the kit including the Trisuit but do I need a racebelt? The race instructions say that if you use a racebelt then your number needs to be on the back for the bike and the front for the run. Alternatively, the number needs to be pinned to both front and back if not using a racebelt. Now this may sound like a stupid question and probably is, but if pinning them to the suit I asume they are there for the swim? Also, can anyone suggest a good energy gel?


  • gaterz1981gaterz1981 Posts: 233
    Pin numbers together, then onto race belt (so if it blows up in wind number can still be seen) then leave it out in transition. Just turn it to face front after bike section. You'll get numbers drawn on you for the swim. other then that you'll have to pin to a t-shirt which will lose you time.

    number belt, elastic laces. thats all that matters [;)]
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Hey CT! Welcome, and good luck in your event!

    gaterz got it perfectly correct with the belt advice. Do not attempt to pin the numbers to your tri suit and swim with them on. Get a race belt (less than £5) and practice putting it on. I put mine on with the number at front because it feels easier doing the clip up behind me for some reason, then I spin it round (number at back) for the bike, and spin it again (number at front) for the run.

    Energy Gel? Too late to try something new, I would think. What distance are you doing? If it is Olympic, then you can survive using sports drinks on the bike (like Lucozade Sport) and in your transition box, with a banana in the box to back it up. If a sprint or super-sprint you shouldn't need more than water or sports drink.

    For 70.3 or IM... if you haven't worked out your food strategy by now then I believe you are screwed. I'm no expert, having never gone longer than Olympic, but I think eating is the 5th discpline (should that be 1st?) when it comes to 70.3 and IM.
  • dannymackdannymack Posts: 58
    I'm going to guess its Olympic or Sprint you're doing. I therefore agree with Bopomofo that you could make it with just energy drink on the bike. One big bottle should do you - depends on your weight and time you're likely to take - a ratio I use is 10ml for each kg of weight per hour in the saddle.

    If it is an Olympic distance you might want to have a gel for T2/the start of the run. I use SIS Go gels for running as I find them palatable and you don't even need to wash them down with water (unlike many more gloopy gels). For me, they work really well. Any good running shop will sell them and if you take one during e.g. a steady training run this weekend and suffer no stomach problems then I'd suggest you have one available on the day to use if you feel like you need something extra.

    Good luck
  • Thanks for the advice. First one next week is Sprint and then another two weeks later, but I am hoping to step up to Olympic in late July. My swim and run are both geared towards the Olympic distance, its just the bike distance thats the problem!!! With regard to the gels, I wanted to try something different as I dont feel the sports drink actually benefits me. maybe I just need to try another brand.
  • dannymackdannymack Posts: 58
    If you don't like energy drink for the bike you could try out gels plus either water or Nuun (tabs that you put in water to replace electrolites - has no energy of itself). I use torq gels (yoghurt flavour) and nuun on the bike for longer rides and find I get a good kick from them.

    I find torq too thick for running though - so that's where the Go gels come in.

    Finally, if you can get out for a few 30+ mile rides (need not be too fast) then upping your bike distance should be fine.

    Good luck
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