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What can I say, the time as come to get a new bike but not to spend silly money on it (despite wanting too) so question is Trek 1.5, Specialized Allez Elite 2010, Boardman Comp or Fuji Aloha 2.0 2010 Triathlon Bike any ideas or pointers.


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Trek 1.5 - carbon forks, 50/34 compact, Tiagra mechs OK, 11-26 cassette good for hils and will also get you moving on the flat
    Specialized Allez Elite 2010 - carbon forks, Tiagra groupset OK, 50/34 compact 12-25 cassette, bit narrower range good for snicking up and down the gears, lose a fraction on the hills and a fraction on the flats to the Trek - ceteris paribus
    Boardman Comp - 50/34, same cassette range as the Speocialized again I think 12 - 25, Tektro brakes OK ditch the pads they are lethal and get some Kool Stops
    Fuji Aloha 2.0 2010 - carbon fork, 50/34, 11-25, decent mechs, keep you motoring on the flats and enough for the hills, again tektro brakes, ditto pads

    IMHO if going for a road bike amongst these The Trek would be my choice and the Fuji - well it is a tri bike and the FSA Gossamer chainset is perfectly acceptable, in fact quite bloody decent, some don't like the Mega Exo BB but can be swapped with a DA7900 and the FSA chainset is a doddle to swap in a 36 or 39 inner ring and if you want can even put on a 52 outer so I would lean toward the Fuji

    But I am sure there will be other viewpoints and I have been good and not thrown in some alternatives.

    Hope it helps
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