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Under the weather


I've got a cold and fever and I was wondering whether I should still be ok to train or should I rest and wait till I'm fully recovered?


  • Morg007Morg007 Posts: 54
    try and adhere to the "above neck/below neck" rule. If the symptoms of illness are below the neck don't train until you are better..... if they are above the neck then you may be able to train BUT stop if its making you worst. Remember a few days lost in training whilst you get over the illness is better than losing twice as long due to training when ill and making yourself worst. The problem is (and the sports science experts on here will explain better) when you train you are even more likely to be ill after that training session. theres a great article in this months 220 if you want to read up more on it.
  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    I would never train when ill. FULL STOP.

    Take loads of Vit C and Zinc, and take something along the lines of Cold and Flu tablets.

    I was ill last week, I hammered myself with Vit C (about 2000mg spread throughout the day) and Zinc the whole of last week. I also went through 2 packets of 16 Lemsip Cold and Flu tablets.

    I raced a HIM at the weekend and finished 7th Overall and 2nd in my AG only half an hour behind the pro's.

    If you train you risk getting worse and turning it into a full blown virus.
    I have a good mate who was ill a couple of weeks before IM Switzerland last year, he decided to go to spain for a bit of last minute training and did his Ironman.
    He ended up taking 6:30 to do his marathon when he usually does them in a little over 3 hours.

    He then was really ill afterwards and he has only recently got back into training again.....12 months on.
    Each time he tried to train his body just gave in and he ended up in hospital again. This was after an easy 10km bike ride!!!!

    I know that is off to an extreme but it only started out as a little cold/feverish bug......
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