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Advice on new bike for novice triathlete

I need advice on which bike to buy. I’m new to Tri, but am hooked and wish to buy a bike. My budget is modest (£300-400), although I can make it stretch further (£500-600) if I go through the Cycle to Work Scheme. I want to start with a hybrid road bike but my problem is that the cycle shops I go into all recommend their own brand – I’m not sure I’m receiving impartial advice on which bike offers the best value for money. I really like the:-
Boardman Performance Hybrid Comp (£500), but have also been recommend to the Marin Alp Belvedere (£500) and Fairfax (£650).

Which of these is best for Sprint Tri in terms of value for money? Or is there a better bike out there?


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Hi and welcome

    Basically if you get hooked (if !!!) you will more than likely in the future look to bet a blinger bike. My advice is don't spend a lot on the first bike and if it is something that you can also use for commuting going to the shops etc AND you can get it under the Cycle to Work Scheme - bonus.

    A hybrid bike is - a bike. The problem is that as you read through the posts there is the oft mentioned 'aero' the best bang for the buck improvement which is I would suggest difficult with a straight bar bike so would like to steer you toward a road bike like the Trek 1.2 at about £600 or even the Trek 1.1 at under £500, Halfords Carrera Vituoso £350, Carrera Vanquish £530, Specilaized Allez £599 just to name a few which will be a. more suited to racing and b. still afford general use.

    I think if you went for a hybrid you would yearn for something more suited and end up spending twice. Just a few thoughts - hope that helps and doesn't cofuse things
  • AvoneerAvoneer Posts: 174
    A Giant Defy 4 is a very good starter bike, although the 2010 model no longer has a carbon fork.

    Good compact geometry - good for clip on tri bars as well.

    Other than that, what Zacnici said above - I had the same dilema - don't regret getting a road bike after years on an MTB and Hybrid.

    Took a few months to adapt fully to the drops, but I'm so glad I did it.

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