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Advice please - 'Drunken' feeling hours after OD

Hi all

having just completed my second ever OD distance triathlon, the llandudno Sea Triathlon, I yet again suffrerd a feeling of 'drunkeness' around an hour after finishing where I felt dizzy, wanted to sleep and felt sick. This lasted a good 40 minutes or so and meant I could not eat my Mixed Grill pub meal!!!

is this normal? What can I do to prevent it happening again (if poss)?

I consumed 500ml of Go electrolyte drink during the bike leg, had 4 Go gels inc one with caffeine during the run, and a flapkjack 40 mins before the start.

is it just a case of manning up and training more?

Advice greatfully accepted!


  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    As you were in the pub...had you been drinking?

    OK well I've never had this happen, but I would guess that it could be down to a few things, most likely (in my uneducated opinion) would be dehydration. 500mls for a 2'30/3hr event is not much at all. Do you hydrate before and after? I tend to drink a lot before, then prob 700mls on the bike (if i remember) and a few sips of water on the run plus another 500mls of sports drink/recovery shake after. Then i have a few beers.
  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Definitely sounds like dehydration. I get that too, with headaches if its really bad. Its also a combo of your body going into recovery. But I would definitely increase fluid intake for the 24h after the race.
  • Mr Mag00Mr Mag00 Posts: 3
    this isnt professional advice just my thoughts.

    Hi I would concur with the other replies dehydration. hard exercise whilst cycling as an example recommended about 750ml an hour this is all personal though and should be tested during training. dont forget sweating during the swim too. I dont know how long this took you.

    also i am surprised at the amount of gels consumed on top of the go electrlyte drink. i would recommend half the flapjack on the bike if possible in the first half. but 4 gels! i am amazed you had the time to comsume all those in such a short time. the first one would barely be in your system before you are adding another one! did you train with that many gels? dont foget the content of the drink. you have on average about 1 and a half hours energy in your body if you can motabolise it. personally i would have taken a gel 5 mins before getting off the bike if needed. I think that drunken feeling is an overload of gels and caffeine.

    yesterday i did approx a 3/4 Olympic distance and i did this on approx 300ml of high 5 carbo/protein drink and about 250 ml of water. i dropped my water bottle and it broke so no more water for 3/4 of the bike ride. due to this i started to feel small cramps in my hamstrings toward end of run. that was all i had whilst racing, i was well hydrated before the race. when i finished i had half an orange, water and a wholegrain peanut butter and jam sandwich, choc milkshake and crisps within about 20 mins. slowly
  • largeadelargeade Posts: 166
    It certainly sounds like dehyrdation.

    I'd be lying if I said I've got this right myself as my run has been 20+mins off pace in both the last two HIMs. My current view is that I think I had a gut shutdown soon after the start of both runs as I was burping throughout the run sections. On paper I believed I'd drunk enough in the run but it was just sitting in my stomach and I didnt pee for a couple of hours after the race. It appears I wasnt able to take my normal solo exercise nutrition rates from training and just add them together for the race. Something to work on for next year.

    Just beware that other peoples total nutrition is not necessarily directly transferable. Someone taking 2 hours to complete a 90km bike will need to drink less than someone finishing in 3 hours. Nutrition rate by hour are more useful figures.

  • sarnie1sarnie1 Posts: 5
    Cheers guys all good advice.

    I thought I was well hydrated leading up to the race but it was hot. I cramped up big time during the run, my quads totally went so was disappointed with my overall time. My previous OD was this year at Chester and although I didn't cramp I felt horrible afterwards.

    I did Harlech and made the same mistake there too re hydration - hmm seems to be a pattern emerging here!
  • okennyokenny Posts: 231
    never underestimate how screwed up you can become from dehydration....
    You need water a a crap load electrolytes....

    I often feel really weird after a long hot training session/Tri but plenty of food, water and electrolytes (salt tablets from the chemist cost nothing) usually sort it. A 1hr snooze works wonders too.
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    See previous reply about hydration....& although I would doubt it was the case here, hypernatremia has the same basic symptoms as dehydration. Again, I would question if it was heat rather then dehydration.
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