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Nutrition for Half Iron....Aquathon

Ok so I know its not the real Mcoy but I see it as a stepping stone.
2k swim c 45mins, leisurely transition(!!) and hopefully sub 1:55 half mara. Not having ever taken anything other than water during a race, I'm trying to piece together a feeding plan from all the other posts. Have started training taking 1 gel on a 10 mile run about half way

Big bowl porridge on waking, 90 min drive to Yawney Lake sipping Nuun and water. Red Bull 30 mins before the off (10.00 start) and then two gels with water about 40 mins apart. Does this seem sensible? Seem to recall someone saying the biggest mistake was a gel too soon into the cycle leg-assume same applies to run??


  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    You shouldnt need much nutrition during what you are planning to do.

    2 gels on the run will be fine, just make sure you stay hydrated on the run. Take a bottle of water with nuun with you and sip it.

    You need water with your gels to help absorb them, if you just take gels with no water then you will over power your digestive system and dehydrate yourself..

    Off the top of my head I only took 11 gels in total at IM UK at the weekend....and that included one beforehand!

    You will be surprised how little nutrition you actually need.
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