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In need of new HRM - what to buy?!

After loosing my Garmin 305 at the Cowman in the bushes never to be seen again due to the road surface, I need to spend £££ and get a new one. The WAT has approved in principle and I thought I might as well upgrade and go for a Garmin 310xt.

What HRM do you recommend and where do you get the best deals??


  • SuttsSutts Posts: 10

    This seems to be a good price. I thought of getting one however I've been put off by the size and just 20hr batt life. I would like one that I could wear as a watch everyday as well, based on if its not on my wrist it will soon be lost!
  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    This is the large brick thing that you can use for the swim as well as bike and run, yes?

    Does anything else do all three?
  • positivapositiva Posts: 9
    If you have GPS phone, you can get Polar or ZEPHIR Heart rate bells and connect them to your mobile. It will cost you less and it's good deal, if you already have gps on the phone.
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