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Outlaw Info Pack out now

ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
Hi all Outlaws

Info pack available now:
http://www.onestepbeyond.org.uk/the-out ... athlon.php

Bib numbers will be posted on the OSB website 2 weeks before the event.

Bike/run course will be marked on Saturday but traffic management not implemented until Saturday evening/Sunday morning.

Swim; all need to cross a 'start' mat by 5:50am, mass start across the width of the lake, strong fast swimmers asked to start on the left. swim funnels to the left after 500m, right hand turn at the top for 50m then back to the start.

Collect Swim/bike bagsT1/change marque with M/F only sections. No kit to be left on bike other than immovable parts e.g. pumps. wedges, drink bottles, everything else, helmets etc in Swim/Bike bag.

Bike loop features some closed roads , semi closed roads the majority being open roads and OSB are even building a section of road for the A612/A617 junction north of Southwell!!

11 feed stations no more than 12.5 miles apart, 6 maintenance/WC stations no more than 17.5 miles apart.

Bike/Run bags at T2 -

Run, 19 feed stations/WC no more than 1.7 miles apart - including the Hooters station

Looks like OSB have thought of everything ... but what about the pelican crossing at Lowdham?
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