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Exercise for Swimming

Hi all, I have been trying to swim a bit more often and for longer distances recently but unfortunately, due to family constraints and the lack of swimming pools near where I live, I can usually only manage to swim about once a week on average. The problem I am having is that my left shoulder is getting very tired during these sessions after about 1km or so while my right shoulder still feels quite okay(I am right handed so that might explain the difference). The middle part of the deltoid muscle is where I start to feel fatigued, near the top of the shoulder. Does anyone know of any specific exercises (apart from swimming ) that will enable me to train for more endurance in this muscle? I have some light dumbells and cables but I do not have access to gym equipment...

Thanks in advance!


  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    My mind always reads your username as Antonyfromage, how weird!

    Anyway, got the same problem, mainly from the rotator cuffs on the left being weaker than the rt, so look up some strengtheing exercies for RC muscles. I use a resistance band attached to a door handle but you can use light dumbells lying on your side too. Noticed a difference after a few sessions. More recently, Ive been using the stretchy band and standing with upperbody leant down as flat as possible kinda mimic swimming pull. Would work better with 2, but does help the shoulders and triceps for sure: kind alike this: http://www.byrn.org/gtips/swimcords.htm

    Stretching RCs and triceps helps too. Hope that helps a bit.
  • Thank you Bman - that link is great and those exercises will be a big help (although now I have an urge to buy some of those swim cords with the paddle handles to get the maximum benefit...). I will also look into other RC exercises too to build up the LHS.

    BTW does your reaction to my username mean that you are not getting enough cheese in your diet???
  • QuitterQuitter Posts: 160
    If its a case of not having time or equipment I'd keep it simple.....press ups and/or dips using something raised ie sofa or chair.
    Rattling of a few sets of 10 reps or whatever is better than nothing.
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