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I'm doing my first Olympic distance triathlon in three weeks or so.

Should I taper like I would do for a key marathon? Or can I keep the distances up until the event - I'm doing a marathon about four weeks later and don't fancy detraining.


  • If your main race is the marathon, then I'd keep up the training, and maybe just ease off a couple of days beforehand. Dont go all out on the OD and do the run at your marathon pace to keep in with your training. Basically use the OD as part of your training.
  • DeeGeeDeeGee Posts: 4
    Thanks, that sounds about right for me. Originally the OD was the focus for the season, but I'm very close to going sub 3.30 in the marathon so I've shifted my attentions to that...
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    I'd agree maybe a day or two before back off, but otherwise you should be fine. I would treat the run as a tempo session rather than mara pace, then have a rest day and you should be ok. afterall, you have trained hard (i assume) for the OD so you want to finish and feel that you have given your best, ambling round the run (at mara pace) on race day will take a lot of discipline (more than i would have) so i would say go moderately hard, leave yourself feeling you could have gone faster, but not much. It won't need too much recovery from an OD - after all the run is only 10k. that said, if it hurts on the run then back off a bit, better safe than injured!
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