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Just 5 weeks!!!

As a newby I took a big leap and booked the Helvellyn Triathlon for my first ever Tri - the distances are something approaching

1 mile swim
38 miles Cycle
9 mile run

Here's the kicker - I can do all these things individually but have never combined the 3 and its really going to push me to my total limit.

The Cycle and Run are up very steep inclines and I live in Suffolk, land of flatness - I'm 27 and pretty fit and I have 5 weeks left to prepare which really gives me just a month of training before I need to wind it up.

Can you please suggest things that will

a) quickly improve my ability to get up inclines (noting the lack of them here)
b) Help me get my stamina up fast to get through all 3 stages


  • diddsdidds Posts: 655

    and sacrifice a goat.


    just kidding!!

    Keep up the training. If you can;t get to ride hills, then do some overgearing work (ride hard in gears too "large" to build muscle endurance).

    Work some long bricks

    Get some nutrition plan working.

    ps caveat : I haven't a clue really.
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