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Which Bike......again.....

I am looking at upgrading from my Trek 1400. I am now unsure whether to buy a Tri specific bike or whether to buy a road bike then add the aero bars. If I am going to buy a road bike, then I will sell the Trek to put a bit more money towards the purchase. If I buy a Tri specific bike then I may keep hold of the Trek. I have £1k to spend. I have just looked at the Planet X Stealth Pro Carbon C18, which has a fixed spec. From what I can see this appears to be quite good and the price is just about right. Does anyone have an opinion on this bike (link below), or any ideas as to other options that are available. I have looked at other sites that have discounted bikes, but most dont have my size (L, XL). Also, I need something that will cope with a half ironman. Any ideas....



  • AndreAndre Posts: 103
    Obviously this is a decision only you can make, but whichever way you go, as long as the Trek is still serviceable, I'd wouldn't get rid of it. Two bikes are definitely better than one, even you'd be hard pushed to ride them both at the same time!

    If you do go for the PX bike, are you planning on building it yourself? If not, don't forget to factor the build cost into the price: at a total cost £1150 there are a number of possible alternatives (i.e. Felt/Quintana Roo).
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Go for the planet X, they are great bikes for this price.

    Or do what I did (just a suggestion),go for the cervélo soloist team, which is actualy almost the same price, and you have a road and Tri-bike in one! see this thread about it:


    (I'm not a Cervélo salesman, just a huge Cervélo fan!!!)

    By the way: the bike has a lot of red on it :[image]http://forum.220magazine.com/micons/m6.gif[/image]
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Benny has it spot on Planet X is good in fact great the Cervelo is better. The models you should check out are the Soloist team (now known as S1) and the Soloist Carbon SLC (now known as S2). All models prior to 2008 had the flip-flop seat post as standard and from 2008 onwards you had to specify the seat post.

    Now is the time to buy as if you buy the SLC or the Soloist Team you will get them cheaper than the models called the S1 and S2 despite them being the exact same frames. Try www.slanecycles.co.uk for the best deal in Europe - phone them for a better deal than on the web
  • I have looked at the Cervelo bike but unfortunately, it is just out of my price range!! Also, the PX bike is Carbon and the Cervelo Team is aluminium. Bearing in mind that this is the last upgrade for a couple of years (gotta pay for a wedding, mine!!!) should I be looking at carbon now so that I dont have to upgrade again in a year or so.
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    ConspiracyTheory wrote:
    Bearing in mind that this is the last upgrade for a couple of years (gotta pay for a wedding, mine!!!)
    Come on now, surely, I can't see how this can make you ride any faster!!??? [;)]
  • Which, the carbon or the wedding!!!!!
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Be aware that high grade aluminium frames such as in Cervelo, Cannondale, Storck and original Principia are better than low grade carbon. This is not to rubbish the Planet X - they do have a good reputation but lots of people get caught out on this one - I did not buy a carbon fibre frame until this time last year (a P3C for my birthday) because I was not convinced that carbon frames were better than an aluminium Principia. However when I saw the Cervelo I was convinced and went for it. Possibly take a closer look at the Soloist Team or S1?
  • Thanks Treefrog. All great advice, but I am struggling to find the Cervelo at a similar price to the PX bike. And I cant find the extra for it. I'm already pushed to my limit at £1250. Any other ideas..........
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Slane cycles did a Soloist Team/ Shimano 105 deal for a friend of mine - call them 02890600040 (check this number), ask for Paul or Andy and tell them theTreefrog recommended you!
  • Again, thanks Treefrog. Will try them tomorrow and see what they can offer me.
  • Whatever you choose, I'd go for a 2008 model - now that the 2009 models are in you should be able to get a good reduction (i.e. up to 30% off). If you can hold out until January then you may make an even bigger saving.
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    I bought a Dolan Mythos (carbon frame & forks, ultegra everything) for £1k.

    I'm no expert, but the Shimano bits feel fantastic and the frame is stiffer than a bottle of viagra.


    (Look under road bikes -> Dolan Mythos)

  • Popped into a bike shop at Holborn today and they have Wilier bikes. I have sinced looked on the web (Rutland Cycling) and there are a couple of options that interest me. They have a Tri bike called Laveredo Crono and also the Mortirolo Veloce. Does anyone know anything about these bikes? Alternatively, there is the Orbea Onix on Epic cycles website which is in my price range. Any opinions would be gratefully received.
  • sfullersfuller Posts: 628
    There is a few shops round london (assuming thats where you are due to being in Holborn) so check those out. There is SBR on fulham road too.
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Willier have great bikes, don't know about the price though!

    I'd say, and I know this is very difficult and overwhelming, but get the best bike you can afford (try to push that cash limit as high as possible). Otherwise you'll wish you did within a year, but then it's too late.

    Hope this helps( I know it doesn't) [:(].
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I agree with Benny, almost everyone who does not stretch their limit wishes they had later. General property about Italian bikes is that they are designed for slight guys so if you weigh more than 70kg the frame could be flexy - my DeRosa is like that and some Pinarello models are like that. Again another reason to look at top end alloy rather than cheap carbon - but as written previously both Planet X and Dolan have good no great reputation - both used by British athletes!

    In answer to your question Orbea have a good reputation, I've limited experience with them - I've ridden a clubmates' (roadbike) and he's very happy with it

  • OK. I have now decided that I can afford a bit more!!!!!!! (but cant tell my other half). I am now looking in the region of 1500 quid. I have found a website that also does interest free credit!!! I have looked at the Orbea Ora Tri 4 which I have found for £1599, which I quite like. Sorry to keep going on about this but I am doing a lot of bike work and feel that I should have something decent to step on to come next season. Unfortunately, I do not know much about bikes, which is why I keep asking. I can appreciate Bennys point of view and think that if I settle for a £1k bike, I will then have second thoughts later next year. Any thoughts to an alternative to the Orbea Tri bike? I am also thinking that I am more inclined to get a TT/Tri bike and hopefully keep my Trek as a second bike.
  • Oh... and by the way Treefrog. Yes, I am over 70kg. Probably more like 90kg.
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Check out the Cannondale Slice. This is a top end frame (I've tried one out) and is sold as a complete bike (105 equipped) for about 1500 quid. This bike is excellent and is very upgradable to become exactly what "the pros ride".
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    How about the Cervélo P2??

    and the Felt B16 or Cannondale Slice!

    (sorry if I confuse you a bit more now[:-][:)]).
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    treefrog wrote:

    Check out the Cannondale Slice. This is a top end frame (I've tried one out) and is sold as a complete bike (105 equipped) for about 1500 quid. This bike is excellent and is very upgradable to become

    benny wrote:

    How about the Cervélo P2??

    and the Felt B16 or Cannondale Slice!

    (sorry if I confuse you a bit more now[:-][:)]).

    Noticed the Cannondale sequel too late, excuse me.[X(]
  • Now this is getting confusing. Although shopping for a new bike is pretty good!! Only wish that there was a bike shop that stocked lots of different makes so that I didn't have to keep treking (no pun intended) all over to look at different bikes. Does anyone know of such a place in London or around the South East area? I live near Gatwick so Surrey, Suusex, Kent or Hampshire would be ideal. I'm pretty keen to try an Orbea but haven't found anyone near me that stocks them.
  • BARNYBARNY Posts: 157
    GB Cycles, in croyden has an very good and wide selection of road bikes, the whole shop is road bikes also - without doubt the best selection of kit, bikes, wheels in a shop I have ever seen... I'm afraid to go back though as II spent so much last time.


    THey got cervelo plannet x specialized bianchi aaron de rosa merrick dalkia pineralia trek look canalgo and best of all they have them in the shop. not as cheap as it could be, and make sure you check their web prices first as they sometimes differ

    Croyden is good for you too... get down there boyo
  • Tuesday...........I'm there!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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