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Part of my training involves riding to and from work and as I run a bar/restaurant this sometimes means I'm riding home at 3am.

My lights may as well be candles!

Please could anyone out there recommend a good, reasonably priced set of lights and by reasonable I mean under £100 (preferably less!)

I have a 8 mile ride home and over half is rural on unlit, potholed, horse sh--ed, muddy roads. I need something that allows me to ride at almost normal speed without fear of hitting something.

Thanks in advance for the help


  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Hi, I commute in london so its more about being visible, so I cant recommend anything personally, but I did recently spot these and the reviews seem pretty good for £60 lights!

    http://www.planet-x-bikes.co.uk/i/q/LIE ... ght-system
  • MeurigMeurig Posts: 6
    A very belated thank you for the tip re the lights.

    Couldn't afford them at the time as loads of other bits broke and the usual bills kept coming but got them last week and they are brilliant (literally!)

    Worth every penny and I added a fibre flare rear light and the cars now give a wider berth.

    Thanks very much Bman.
  • For a rear light get a fibre flare

    360 degree light - emits a light so bright is incredible.

    Can't recommed them highly enough - and you can attach it to clothes for running

    It's awesome ( and I normally don't get that excited about boring stuff like lights )
  • jcs356jcs356 Posts: 37
    I have to disagree about the Fibre Flares.

    They are a great idea, just the execution isn't good enough for their price. I've had continued problems with them falling to bits and leaking. They need to be redesigned where the batteries are held so that there is a proper join between the battery and the fibre strip, and a better switch.

    I'd recommend the Smart 1/2 watt rear light - they are very bright, good with rechargeable batteries, and reasonably priced.

    My rear winter setup is two Smart 1/2 watts on the seat post and a fibre flare down each seat stay.
  • +1 for Fibre Flares - Wiggle are doing them for 42.50 a pair I believe.

    One on the rear stay and one clipped on the back of my cycling jacket set to flashing at different intervals.

    I swear drivers now give me a wider berth as they pass as I'm lit up like a christmas tree.

    Just my two penneth !
  • OranjOranj Posts: 45
    I've got a Fenix TK11 at the front and a Smart ½W at the back.

    You need a decent handlebar mount for the Fenix as it's a "torch" really, but it's not too hard to find something online, or bodge something from an old cateye mount and some cable ties. A complete system with a spare battery and a charger shouldn't come to more than £60. The "high" setting is good enough for 25 mph on unlit lanes and lasts about 2½ hours. Its only downside is it doesn't spill much light out to the side for visibility around town.

    As others have said, the Smart ½W is an excellent rear light for £15 but not waterproof enough for *really* heavy downpours. They've just brought out a 1W version which is stupidly bright (but also has a low setting to conserve batteries) and will be doing service on the back of my TT machine.
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