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double ironman training

gozgoz Posts: 5
Just entered my first double ironman and cant find a training plan any-where or much on nutrition . Can anybody help.


  • jakeyboyjakeyboy Posts: 3
    train hard and regular then on your last week befor it do one hard swim two hard bike rids and 1 long run for the rest of the week take easy but still train but nice and steady and that should help u to be ready
  • gozgoz Posts: 5
    Thanks , Jakeyboy for that . I train so much better if I have a plan to work to so I can work to a peak and work in rest day's or weeks. I've trawled the web and have found nothing written down. Is it "just" ironman training plus more ? Thanks for your help, Goz
  • wjameswjames Posts: 8
    have a look at this website,


    maybe you could email them?
  • gozgoz Posts: 5
    Thanks for the link I'll check it out stright away . Goz
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