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Alleviating/Preventing Running Soreness (especially in calves)

I know that this is not the ideal topic for this forum but, upon reading a similar topic on Yahoo search, I found the posters on the board to be very knowledgeable so I thought I'd ask anyways.

I am a high school athlete and, throughout my entire life, I'd played and succeeded in multiple sports without ever experiencing leg pain (soccer, football, track). Then, after a two year leave from athletics besides steadfast weightlifting (most of which resulting in a great deal of upper body muscle on a frame that would have otherwise been around 5'10 125 [now around 145]), I returned to track but, even after training, felt intense pain in my legs, especially calves. I later tore my right quad and added in a sprained knee from overexertion and resolved to work on my legs a great deal for the next season.

Now, the next season has begun and, though my weight training squats and physical rehab have cured my quad problems, after only the first practice (which was not all that intense: six 200-yard sprints), my calves had given out and are sore beyond belief.

Now, I will admit that I genetically suffer from extreme inflexibility but, unlike many of my teammates who experience no pain at all, am not physically inactive: I lift weights 8-10 hours a week and had been running stairs 2-3 times a week a great deal for months in preparation for the season.

Any suggestions for this relatively new athletic curse I've got going? I've been trying to keep my calves especially stretched and have been wearing tights for support but it just doesn't seem to work.


  • toadtoad Posts: 104
    from your history it sounds as though you may have a compartment syndome, however you really need to see a physiotherapist or sports medicine specialist for a physical exam, can be sorted out once you have an appropriate diagnosis.

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