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Training for my first triathlon in September. I am after some advice on a good starter wetsuit? I cant really afford to spend a fortune on one. i have seen a couple that look reasonable. The Foor HQ1 and Blue severenty Sprint? I have no prior experience in wetsuits so any advice on these two suits, or any other starter suits would be much appreciated.


  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    The main thing to do is to try them on. Fit is the key with a wetsuit (in my experience) my first wetsuit fit quite well, until i started to loose weight and found it became a little baggy round the middle, which made me slower despite being a stronger, faster swimmer than i was when i bought it...the times were tested in the same lake in similar conditions too.

    I haven't any personal experience of those 2 suits you mention, but i have a b70 helix which i love, and had an orca equip before that which was also good - when it fit me anyway.
  • GeneralGeneral Posts: 26
    Cheers for your reply. The weight lose may be an issue for me too. I have lost a stone in the past two months through training and expect to lose a little more before the event. Catch 22 situation really as i need to get one to do a bit of open water training (dreading that by the way). Wetsuit hire maybe an option this time round.
  • ckyork2012ckyork2012 Posts: 12
    wetsuit hire is a good idea but the fit is usually a problem i bought a blue70 sprint off the internet and then i lost over a stone yet it still fitted and didnt let in too much water plus i have never had any chaffing problems with it, i have used it now for over 14 months and have completed many half iron man and iron man distance swims in it and still no problem even with morewieght loss, the only reason i would change it now is to get a pb but that involves spending a lot of money as a beginner i would say this is an awsome wet suit.
  • GeneralGeneral Posts: 26
    You have made me sway towards the blue70 sprint. Cheers for your advice.
  • ckyork2012ckyork2012 Posts: 12
    its cool hope you like it is the best 90 pounds i spent
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    An idea - look up a local tri as they invariably have a purveyor of triathlon kit. Email them or give them a call a week or so beforehand, tell them of what you are looking for and your dimensions and ask to try some suits on, also take along prices off the interweb and once you find a suit that suits ask them to price match. OK it means getting kitted out in the back of a transit van but such is the glamorous life we lead and you will have a suit that fits.
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