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Dont mean to hi-jack the thread but my questions are on the same lines too.

Some places like 'CycleFit' in Covent Garden, who helped Tim Don with his fitting, charge £200... but Im guessing have masses of experience and equipment while some others use a software to get measurements. Which is best? Is it worth paying the extra to go get a 'decent' fit from Cyclefit?

Sorry again to OP about hi-jacking.


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    A recent thread/poll asked people what they felt made the greatest difference in their Bike times. A number of people kept saying that a proper bike fit was the most important thing.

    I have enquired at a place called Downland Cycles in Canterbury and they want £120 for a two hour fitting service. If I were to buy a standard shelf bike from them, how much adjustment/benefit am I going to get from having this fitting? And is the service reasonably priced?

    If I decide not to go there, what information would I need from a bike fitting to then give to a bike shop if I bought via the internet?
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    bobraynerbobrayner Posts: 27
    A decade ago I paid (I think) £25 for a 1-hour fitting session at Evans Cycles in London. They didn't sell me a bike, they just played with measuring equipment and fed the details into clever software and gave me a printout of my "ideal" measurements & configuration for a new bike. I faxed the printout to Ribble and they built a new bike which fitted like the proverbial glove.

    It was definitely worth the money. At £200 I'd think twice, though.

    Sorry, I'm not contributing much to the debate, just adding it for perspective [8D]
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    MrSquishyMrSquishy Posts: 277
    I got a bike fitting at my seesion at TriSport Coaching today (see seperate thread). I think the cost for a 1hr session on the bike was ~£45 which incorporated work on a turbo (hooked up to flash computer/HRM) as well as the fitting.
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    garyrobertsgaryroberts Posts: 869
    I'm about as far away from 'expert' as is possible, but i still have an opinion!

    I went for a 'bike fit' at my local bike shop, the chap asked for just £15. I actually thought, due to this price, that the service wouldn't be very good/accurate. He basically looked at saddle height and position, stem length and bar height/angle. Nothing else! I still don't really know if my bike 'fits' but it feels better after his slight adjustments.

    I'm just a little unsure as to the value.....£200/"120 for a fit. Surely this is just to cover the costs of the shops investment into the fancy computerised measuring stuff!

    P.S. I'm waiting to hear why i'm wrong!
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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Proper bike fits are from 100£ up (some will agree, some won't), and yes, there are some people who overcharge and others who do the opposite.

    But do not accept to pay for a fit that takes 20 minutes, just taking your nmeasurements, put them in a computer and fiddle the bike towards the outcome numbers! Any idiot can do that(almost).

    Get a proper fit, where they take time to tweak it, with small differences between positions so you can find the perfect compromise aerodynamics and comfort. Even if that means that the 'holy' calculated numbers are a bit different.
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