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Simple, can you overbrick in training? (Is that also a new word?????)

I find that I am doing at least two, if not three brick sessions a week.

On my days off, I usually make sure I do a bike session, but then the dog still needs taking to the park. I figure that if I'm going to the park I might as well kit up and run with her, rather than wander round aimlessly for an hour.

Any thoughts.....


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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    Personally I think you can.

    Bricking puts a huge strain on your body. Also if you go hard on the bike, then go straight into the run your muscles are going to be damaged from the hard bike and you are lengthening the time between damage and recovery.

    After hard sessions your muscles are going to really need some protein, so unless you are drinking recovery style drinks, with protein in them then you are not providing the muscles with what they need.

    I also put up some research recently that said that triathletes who ran after cycling did not have the same improvement in muscle recruitment that pure cyclists had, indicating the running may be upsetting the bodies adaption to more efficient muscle contraction following training.

    I think 1 a week is enough personally, I also don't utilize them much until 2 months before race season.
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