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Winter Weights & Training

After completing my first tri season - did 2 Sprints and 2 OD - I now have bench times that i obviously want to beat next year, along with the thoughts of completing a half IM.
Looking at at OD around June time with the half IM in August next year for races.
I didn't really do any gym work at all, just bike, swim & run sessions.
Thinking that over the months to Christmas to add 2 - 3 vists to the gym into the schedule to concentrate purely on this, along with less cardiovascular training, to add extra strength for a January training programme in prep specifically for the half IM but do other races that fit in with the training programme along the way
Thoughts and help would be appreciated


  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    My advice would be not to drop to much cardo work just lower your intensity and improve your low burn engine and increase your stamina. Try and trian in zone 1 (work out you BPM zones and where you change from fat burning to carb burning) I am 34 and for me its around 146 BPM.

    Also when it comes to gym work you dont want to bulk out your muscles just strenghten them. Work on your core (trunk) and legs. Maybe some spinval classes and yoga/pilates.

    Thats some stuff worth considering.
  • Take a look at Joe friels book "the triathletes bible" offers a really good intro to putting weights into your training and periodization through the year. If you dont want to add extra sessions in during the week add the gym work onto the end of one of your cardio sessions.
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