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squeky saddle

hey hope someone can help,
i bought a specialized trensition expert in jan and it had been awsome, i had a crash on it about a month ago but no damage was done to the bike (even though i dislocated my knee). However since then the saddle has begun to squeak badley, the men at the shop were i bought it from say that it is normal and dont want to replace it, is it normal or are they trying to fob me off??


  • Race1Race1 Posts: 58
    I would think that the obvious question to the shop is "did it do it when the bike was new?"

    However, fair wear and tear is probably not in the warranty. And my Giant Trinity had a squeeky seat after about the first 3-4hundred KMs I did.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Race1 beat me to it; I was also going to ask did it squeak before the crash? Having said that it could just be the saddle starting to mould. I have a Fizik which as a feature for moulding actually has break points in the construction which break and deform to creat a fit. I also have a Giant SCR2 the sadlle of which squeaks like mad.

    I would have thought that if the saddle was damaged then it would be apparant from examination e.g tears, displaced/bent rails and generally having a good feel to see if one bit feels 'wrong'.

    IMHO I rather think that it is just a case of the saddle breaking in.
  • SuttsSutts Posts: 10
    Talking of squeeks...

    My bottom bracket is squeeky when I put any force through the pedals. (I assume its the BB from what I read on forums). I had it in for its first service (LBS) and they tightened the BB. However it still creaks! Unless I make a smooth and deliberate pedal stoke with equal force on both pedals. I'm going to take it in again tomorrow but would like to have a plan before-hand.

    A little like the seat question..how far can I push them for a new BB? Do I need a new BB or just get them to 'over-tighten' it?

    As for the seat, if YOU feel it has failed before it should, I would put in writing to the store that you do not believe it is 'fit for purpose' and ask for a replacement or refund. Failing that I would then write to the manufacture with the reply from the store where you bought it, with a bias towards their poor customer service and the reflection on the manufactures product. Having said that I've only had a proper bike for a few months so know nothing about saddles breaking in etc.

    Good luck
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Which BB do you have? Some are just rather noisy; I had a MegaExo BB which was quite noisy but otherwise OK and serviced by an LBS who knew what they were doing. Eventually swapped it out for a DA7900.
  • SuttsSutts Posts: 10
    Idiot alert: I would have said whatever comes as standard on the Specialized Allez Sport. :roll:

    A bit of google-ing has it down as the 'Hollowtech II external bearing cups' although that is from a forum rather than any tech specs. I see what the LBS say, but its driving me mad.
  • it didnt squeak before and the first guy at the shop said that they would seewhat they could do thinking that something was not rite then another guy i think more manageral came over and said it was natural it had never made any noise and has been ridden for about 400 miles ish so just to start squeaking is a bit odd isnt it?
  • steve68steve68 Posts: 18
    I had a saddle that recently developed a creaking, squeaking sound after about 200 km. Might not be the same problem ,but I found some grease on the saddle rails seemed to cure it.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    I think it may just be a breaking in sound but suggest you have a good look for any obvious defects, tighten up everything or even lube things up as Steve68 suggests. I know it is worrying when your dream machine makes noises it shouldn't but I think and hope it is as simple as that.

    Any other Transition Expert or TriTip saddle (it is the TriTip?) owners out there?
  • okennyokenny Posts: 231
    I have a Specialized Transition too and the saddle has also begun to squeek! (bought it in March)

    I haven't had any accidents, I just thought it was my 89kg being a little too much for a bike probably built for 75kg riders!

    I haven't looked into it much as of yet, I will let you know if I find the root cause.
  • it is not really the bars as it still squeaks when you take it off the seat post and press it, most of the noise is coming from the right hand side looking at it front on but i can see no cracks or defects on the outside will take it back to the shop again and have another go will keep you posted
  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Sutts, check that the front chainring bolts are all tight, I thought my BB was creaking when applying downforce, but it was loose CR bolts.
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