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Nutrition strategy....

This was mentioned by MG on another thread. I am doing my first 70.3 in September and am aware that nutrition is an important part of the race. Can anyone give me advice or point me in the direction (past issues of 220?) of someplace where I can read about the nutritional aspect?

I know its a personal thing, but stuff like, what, how often, when, etc would be good.


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    husslerhussler Posts: 237
    Have a play in training with different timings/frequency of gels/food etc that is the best way....

    1) I use a gel or energy bar an hour before race start - this gives your body time to digest it and give you a pre race last minute store of carbs.

    it also stops your body going straight into using glycogen stores as soon as you start the race which can happen if you have gel 10-15/20 before a race.

    2) Once im settled on the bike (5-10mins out of T1) take a gel with couple of mouthfuls of water. Then every 35-40mins take a gel with water. In between then I will sip High 5 Isotonic every 15mins or even just have a mouthful swill it around and spit out again just to wet the mouth.

    3) On the run I will have one gel about halfway through... about 40-45mins for me. I will carry and extra gel just in case im feeling shabby then I will have one about 20 mins in and another about 50 mins. I only drink water on the run.

    I tape my gels to the top tube of my bike, I dont bother with one of them gel boxes you strap to the headset/top tube as I find my legs/knees rub on the velcro fasteners OUCH after 56miles!

    Tape them individually but layer them, this ensures you get a single 'safe separation' without all the gels coming off when you want one!

    Thats my race nutrition for HIM and above, it suits me nicely but may not work with everyone so just practise in training.

    I was chatting with Chrissie Wellington after we had finished the World LD champs in Almere last year and she said she had 2 gels on the 30km run and 3 gels on the 120km bike.... that was her nutrition! where as I had the entire UK stock of high 5 gels throughout the race haha! and that worked for me:)

    Practise practise practise!!! then stick to it, once you find what works best! Happy training and good luck
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    HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Have a look at Anita Beans book on Sports Nutrition. Spot on. Got mine from Amazon but can always try your library for a free read

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    not iron man specific but .....

    on long runs{over 10 miles} i use a combo of cereal bars{oaty ones} and jelly sweets. and good old water.

    when training, i have breakfeast, which is porridge, and coffee.

    i wait an hour and so, and then i go on ,my run.

    at the 10 mile mark, i start to get low on sugar, and i take a kellogs nutri grain bar. 15 miles its sweetys for the simple sugars. at 20miles its a bar again. so on so forth.

    so its solid/sugar/solid/sugar. plenty of water.

    a lot cheaper than powerbar gells, but as my i.m approaches,i will start to use whats used on the course.

    i dont bother with sports drink much.

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    MGMG Posts: 470
    I've tried a few different methods of nutrition, cant get on with SIS gels but I can stomach Powerbar. One of my favourite treats on a the bike is Haribo Tanfastics, (stop laughing!!) theyre the daddy and I will be using these in all my Long distance races this year!!

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    Jelly legsJelly legs Posts: 278
    If its less than an one hour water and nothing but, if its going to be over i tend to just eat bannannanaaass.

    I cant use the gels the feel like i'm eating sick,which makes me sick.

    Very important tho mate is, no matter what you do, at least a week before you race, eat and drink ,eat and drink and eat and drink, then eat some more.

    If you have never raced you will be amazed at how quickly your energy zaps
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    if your tapering up for an i.m. is it wise to overeat? what about weight gain?
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    overeating is relative, but before an ultraendurance event, eating more than usual as a loading strategy is definately advisable
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