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Bike computer - Help!

I want to buy a computer for the bike that'll give me cadence and speed information - if it will do heart rate too that's a bonus. Also I need something that'll still work when I'm using a turbo.
Downloading info would be good too.
Budget's around £100.
Any suggestions most welcome, as reading reviews is driving me nuts - What should I go for?
Thanks in advance, Andrew.


  • Hiya

    I'm sorry but this will be no help at all

    I don't know of a conventional cycle computer that can be connected to your PC for analysis etc. But it sounds like a nice idea. Of course you can do it with a HRM on its own, but am not sure about the cycle bit. When on the road you can use a satnav device and that can save your data to a pc too. Would be great to save the satnav, cadence and HRM info all tied together.

    Does anyone know of a solution out there?
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    the garmin cycle computers will do cadence, speed, heart rate etc. but their main thing is gps locating and directions so i'm not sure how cheap they are...

    edit... not cheap - the edge series that i was thinking of goes for a couple of hundred.

    you could try a forerunner (running watch), some of them (205/305) can do multisport, hrm and cadence, and also do gps to an extent. still not cheap but you might be able to get one for your budget. not really a cycle computer though as they need charging every 8-10h or so.

    cadence units for those will be extra.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    As Ris says you could try a Garmin Forerunner, a 305 £120 but will need the cadence sensor £35 but you will then have a versatile tool for HRM, cadence/av speed HR Zones etc on bike training, if you use the same circuit you can compete against yourself with the virtual partner and can also set it up for multisport i.e. triathlon, duathlon inclding splits in T1 and T2.

    So a quite a bit over budget but it will give you something that can be used in bike and run training and also competition.

    I have had one for 2 days now having weakened in my stance agaisnt such gadgetry and must say I am mightily impressed. Top tip, you can charge the watch on the cradle using one of these:
    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/rolson-mobile-eme ... 0066334533
  • i believe the cateye series probably the V3 has all those features and the sensor i believe is mounted on the chain stay and is a combined speed/cadence sensor and a heart rate monitor.

  • KevBKevB Posts: 5
    I am looking for similer, also looking the Cateye V2C; double wireless with cadence start at about £72. Also there is a wireless cadence computer on the Boardman site for £40, not sure about how it reads the other functions, but it says it has them.

  • largeadelargeade Posts: 166
    I always break electronics kit so I like to keep the functionality seperate and low cost.

    Personally I've got a cateye strade double wireless and it does the cadence/speed job great on the bike/turbo. However the speed magnet is on the back wheel so you'll need a spare if you are swapping wheels.

    I use a seperate Polar RS100 for heart rate, which I swim with all the time. And an aging Garmin Forerunner brick for GPS that I only wear when checking out a new run route.

    You are not going to get data download unless you spend a lot more.
  • sonofsammosonofsammo Posts: 191
    Thanks for the advice all -
    Have unfortunately reduced budget due to knackered car, so have ended up with the cateye strada - I'm hoping that knowing my cadence will help develop my efficiency - cos I know I'm not doing it right!
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