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GPS or foot pod/cadence sensor

Hi I am thinking of buying a Garmin FR60 with foot pod and cadence sensor for tri and have a few questions:
Can the HR be used in the water?
Can the timer run through all 3 disciplines?
Is there a slick/quick change from the cadence sensor to foot pod etc?
If you think there could be issues, can you suggest other products. Other than the great but expensive 310xt.
It will be for 70.3 and possibly ironman
Sorry for all the daft questions.


  • biccybiccy Posts: 9
    Hello mate, im no expert, as im in a simular possition to u, not having a hrm yet, and not knowing which to go for.
    But as far as i am aware/ have been informed, the heart rate function of any device will not work in water.
    The timer function will and can run for all parts of your tri, however most (youll hav to check if the fr60 does) hav a lap setting, which on finishing your swim, if u press lap button, will record your swim time as lap1, then as u exit t1, u can press lap again which will record your time spent in t1 as lap2, then it will record your bike etc.
    As said I'm also confused on which model to go for, if u want gps without 310's price then a lot of people use the 305 (but as not waterproof tend to stick it in their swim cap.
    Whichever u decide on, take a look at this address I was given, as they are cheap www.handtec.co.uk
  • For me - GPS over foot pod every time. GPS will measure distance actually travelled i.e. the amount of length you have moved forward. Foot pods on trainers measure the amount of movement in any plane of direction. For example, if your stride isn't perfectly linear (no one's is) you will be measuring the distance your stride has covered and NOT forward movement - e.g. your stride may have moved 100cm but forward distance will only have been 80 cm (made up figures). As such GPS is massively more accurate - and foot pods clock mileages that are somewhat exaggerated - as much as a 1/2 mile difference over a 5 mile route.

    Hope this makes sense and helps.....

    On another note, I've wasted too much time putting sensors on/off - the question is...is it really worth it in a race?
  • okennyokenny Posts: 231
    GPS is pretty crap if u don't have coverage, it's also crap for intervals and stuff as it reacts too slowly, plus that waiting to get a signal/fix is annoying.

    I say footpod. If it's calibrated the reading should be as accurate as required. Do you care if u can 10km or 10.05km?

    Mine is very accurate, I check it regularly just to make sure...
    foot pod all the way.
  • Hi Suunto memory belt will monitor your HR in water, but according to the suunto website doesn't communicate with the watch in the water. Info is stored in the belt for later analysis on your pc.

    I bought one on e-bay from Tate Defense in US for 400 US. Good deal comes with cadence, a neat wireless speed receiver which is in a bike skewer and footpod (much much smaller than the old polar one) GPS is available but no idea if its any good, as not in the triathlon pack.

    How good is it???? No bloody idea as i've just had my ankle rebuilt after an accident and have yet to even wear it!
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