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Outlaw race report. (Contains 1 swear word sorry)

I set my alarm for 3:45 got up and had a bowl of cold porrige and a cup of coffee. I'd been caffeine free for a week so I was really looking forward to that i can tell you. i farted around for 3/4 hour then woke up my wife and the noisemaker and off we went to Holme Pierrepont ( A massive thanks to my wife for putting up with me she is a saint)
Got dressed up and hit the water, did a few strokes and thought fuck it that's enough of a warm up and waited for the start. Some poor bloke jumped in with about 3 mins to go and lost his goggles. What a nightmare, now I know what panic looks like!
Anyway off went the hooter and the mayhem started.Because the start line was so small it was a massive scrap to find some clear water but eventually we all settled down and plodded on. And on. 1hr 10 mins later (8 mins faster than last year whoop) I got out and went to get changed and met a guy in a BCTTT outfit goes by the name of Joddybear, so it was a hi, handshake, ooh what did you do to the ankle and we were off.
All in all the bike leg was nothing to shout about, I decided to have an energy gel every 30k to give me something to think about as much as keep me going. They ran out of hi 5 at one aid station so I had a whinge to myself about that! It was a very fast course with a few hills but nothing like Hampshire so I wqas happy with that and blasted out a 5:59 cycle (39 mins faster than last year whoop) averaged 30.1 kph, that's like the millenium falcon going .5 past lightspeed!
Back to transition and a quick change of shoes and ditched my tri top for a t-shirt (chafing) and off to the run. Then back to get my water bottle and off to the run.
It was an incredibly hard one I thought, 3 laps out and back each one with a lap of the lake. It was a cruel and unusual punishment . Lap one was ok the normal jog and walk through the aid stations. Plod, plod, plod.
Lap2 was evil I was cramping up big time so a lot more walking and drinking lots of water (I couldn't take another drop of Hi5) and told myself to man up a bit. Lap 3 And I could start thinking about the finish. This is when I saw Joddy again he was looking good and his ankle was ok so it was definite he would finish. I was struggling a bit so I thought my best plan was to hang on to someones heels to help push myself and thats the way it was for almost the last 10k. I had to walk a bit when I got back to the lake but I could see the end so no more worries. The last half mile I sped up or more realistically put more effort in and stayed the same speed and on to the finish chute, where a bloke dropped his kid in front of me. I know I shouldn't laugh but... (The marathon took 26 mins longer than last year, not so good)
A finish time of 12:07 and what a relief, A pint of lager then home to bed.


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Good one Stu - 12:07 - impressed, bet the lager was good
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