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Almost ready to buy.........

Some of you on here will remember my extended posts shortly before christmas regarding a new bike! Well, I still haven't bought one, but have decided what I want. I have picked the Orbea Onix and will look to put a decent set of tri bars on it. I am now asking for advice on wheels. The Onix Bira which I am going to get comes with the Shimano R500 wheels. I was thinking of immediately upgrading these on advice from a friend. I have found the wheels at the link below and wondered if anyone had any thoughts.....or any alternatives upto the £250 mark. Dont know if my weight is going to make any difference but I am always around the 85-90kg area?????



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    starcherstarcher Posts: 126

    Dont know if it'll help you decide mate but i saw these wheels on chain reaction and was'nt to sure but the rival forum post below put me off .


    so i blew my budget and bought some hed. wheels instead.


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    Thanks Starcher. Had read some other reviews after surfing the web and the general opinion seemed to be divided, but after having read that, think I may give them a miss. Unfortunately, dont have the budget for Hed but will try and find something else. The Easton EA50's looked OK.
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