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Frustrating Swim

My Plan today 45 Min swim lunchtime
1 hour + run after work.

So i get to the pool and I am feeling good well up for a hard session. What greets me is two lanes of time wasters.

Well what i got was CRAP! 1 hour of avoiding Fast Ego's, why do the suits of London find it impossible to admit they are slow grrrrrr.

i tried everything ,cathcups, alternate, dragging, kick only No float, and even fists and was still catching and having to wait and slow for all of them.

anyone got any ideas how to make the best of these bad situations?

I left the pool feeling cheated.

Got home and the clouds opened grrrr now i'm gonna get soaked.

Anyhoo that actually turned into a really pleasant 12k run. Running is my worse but i am slowly getting better.

and to add insult to Injury Condor have not given me a delivery date for my new bike looks like it won't be in time for Southampton Fast twitch

Soap box away now!

i feel better for sharing


  • GHarvGHarv Posts: 456
    Actually sounds like the start of any open water swim - people misplacing themselves and getting in the way. Imagine that and it helps for me.
  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    General approach I would recommend - tickle their feet for a couple of lengths, if that doesn't work, a bit of ankle tugging, which, if fruitless can be replaced by an overtaking manoeuvre in the last five metres and a tumble turn...

    Just don't expect them to thank you afterwards!
  • PC_67PC_67 Posts: 196
    I didn't swim this week but frustration is exactyly what I felt watching some Faoroese guy win his 1500m heat at the European swim chamionships on Eurosport. It's just not fair that some people can do 1500m in 14 minutes without even getting out of breath.
  • MrTimMrTim Posts: 13
    Luckily I've been able to swim in a lake twice a week since April. I've attempted one pool swim since then, and got so frustrated by the crowding that I gave up after 5 minutes and spent the rest of the time in the spa! Don't know what I'm going to do in a month or so when the lake closes for the year. I may well abandon swimming entirely until spring, although the dark mornings and nights mean cycling will be out as well
  • adupuyadupuy Posts: 13
    I know this doesn't help but I went to my usual Friday night swim club meeting to find it had finished for the summer Hols. Bit odd as its a private thing and I pay a lot for it but nevermind.
    The pool was open with lanes so went anyway.
    Got changed and went to pool side to find a completely empty pool, the 3 life guards informed me they were still open.
    1 hour later, warm up, sprint drills and 1500m timed swim later only 4 other people came and went.

    RESULT or not?

    It was 8:30 Friday night when most normal people would be getting ready to go out binge drinking and later, after Kebab, fighting.

    Who feels better Sat morning?

    Sorry for not helping but thought I would share my happieness.
  • Bloody hell- you get lanes!

    if you want a truly frustrating swim, get down to a 'community' pool (closest one to where I live without driving for half an hour) they seem to cater for every possible demographic of users except people who actually want to swim.
    At my pool theres a 12.5m wide x 25m long section of water deep enough to swim in - flanked either side by the flume, wave machine and faux beach- and there are no lanes, just around 50 people thrown in to do as they please. Old ladies discussing their hair appointments and dogs ailaments, the morbidly obese doing doggy paddle, teams of teenage boys trying to race me but only managing two lengths before having to have a bit of a breather and the usual heavy petting groups in the deep end. Most days it loks like the aftermath of a shipwreck, even at the start of the 6:30am session. I'm lucky if a 1500mm swim session doesnt come out closer to 1800mm just dodging everyone. No chace of pratctising straight line swimming or drills, can't swim with your head down as you need to be looking ahead at all times to get a route through.

    sigh. rant over.

    but now do you feel better about your swim? trade you?
  • Race1Race1 Posts: 58
    I get this fairly often. Only 3 lanes at my local pool. The other half divided over for "General Swimming" Normally not too bad, but there is 1 out of 3 times a guy doing Breast Stroke in the "sprinters" lane I'm sure it's an ego thing as they name the other lanes "Plodders" and "Joggers" In fact in teh past I';ve ducked into the Joggers lane as it's virtually empty and I can time 133m reps (4 lengths) much easier.

    Sometime there's an older (retiring age) couple. Both are much better swimmers than I, so I try to keep out of their way, doesn't stop the older boy trying to overtake me to prove how manly he is. Or them trying to Butterfly down the lane whilst others are coming back. Impressed, not really mate.

    Of course ther have been a couple times when I've been told by the pre-pubescent "lifeguards" that "we ain't putting a lane out as it's half term" Clearly my £4 isn't worth as much as his mates trying to sexually assualt each other in between standing in the middle of the pool trying to tread water. :roll:

    I do echo the above comment that unsocial times are the best. Friday evenings are generally quieter. As are bank holiday eves too. Weekends (even early and late times) are a complete no no.
  • Nice to know i am not the only one

    can't do the early ones it kills me

    hey ho
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