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Leg Cramp - calf, hamstring and quads

As the title says i cant seem to stop getting severe cramp in any/all of my leg muscles after 40km of biking or 10km of running. I've tried several supplements, increasing my hydration, salt, etc but to no avail.

Anyone have any suggestions? I've entered the 2011 UK 70.3 and am starting to worry after I came down with major leg cramp on the run of last weeks olympic distance london.


  • largeadelargeade Posts: 166
    I would worry. Wimbleball run is hilly after the even more hilly ride. Oh, and it was steaming hot this year as well which didnt help. The first downhill run off the bike and my quads cramped evil and I didnt really recover.

    40km/10km seems a short amount of mileage to get problems - how much base work did you start from this year?

    Suggest you build a base over the winter to condition your legs. Build slowly, low HR, turbo slowly, run slowly, include hills. You'll need to build up to the plan I linked you anyway.

    From experience I now know I need to drink 750ml an hour with half a Nuun tab per 500ml. I found this out by weighing myself before and after training to see how much fluid I lost. For me 2% is normal in a 2-hour run.
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