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Odd Injury

Hi all

Wanted to know if anyone has suffered something similar and knows how I can stop it happening again. When I run anything 30 mins+ I am getting these sores under my arms. They are almost like burns in the way they heal as well and sting like mad!

The odd thing is my arms don't rub against my body or clothing when I run so it's almost like they are coming up on their own. I've tried changing washing powder but that hasn't worked and I've tried wearing different types of material vests (Dri-FIT, cotton, polyester etc).

Thinking maybe BodyGlide would help but as I said they are not rubbing against anything so wonder if that's the answer?

Thoughts on a postcard please.....!


  • sonofsammosonofsammo Posts: 191
    I've had something like this - I don't know how you spell it properly, but it's called foliculitus - This is where hair follicles become irritated / infected and can often be exacerbated by heat / sweat.
    Can be sorted with antibiotics from your friendly neighbourhood Doc.
    Hope this helps and hope you can get sorted - training's hard enough without added prob's!
  • GGBGGB Posts: 482
    If its what I think it is - as above - then cream containing Clotrimazole should help -

    Have a look at Caneston Hydracortizone cream - that should sort it for a while.
  • PogsPogs Posts: 3
    Cheers guys, it sounds possible as I only get it on warmer runs and yesterday was pretty stuffy in London!

    Will see if the creams can tone it down as not a good look when running across the line arms aloft!!
  • Morg007Morg007 Posts: 54
    I've just been prescribed some cream for a weird skin complaint brought on by this great sport of ours... had a spotty rash at the top of my inner leg just as its joins the groin. Very itchy turns out its a fungi infection much like athelets foot... so got to treat it will it goes. use E45 to moisturise and talc before training. the doctor also agreed bodyglide woudl be god before training too.... but she even suggeste changing sporting clothes! does she not realise how much us triathletes spend on the best training and race clothing?! haha
  • pippip Posts: 170
    I get a huge swelling around my groin area..................... ooops wrong forum
  • Pip - ha ha ha ha !!
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