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2008 Felt B2 Pro for sale

Right here goes...

I am selling my size 52, 2008 Felt B2 Pro Carbon TT machine. I purchased the bike in 2008 and have used it for a warm weather training (the wheels have only be used for racing) only in my build up to Ironman Austria 2010. Now that I have completed the Ironman it is time for me to hang up my boots and hence I find myself in this position. As much as I do not want to sell it is worth too much money to be gathering dust in the garage and rather than get it out for the odd sprint distance I would like it to have a second life.

I am looking for £2,500 ono and the bike comes complete as original spec with a cordless cateye computer. I also put new Continental Grand Prix 4000 Tyres on (as part of a full service) just before the Ironman and it has not be used since.
For full details and review see http://www.bikesportmichigan.com/review ... 2Pro.shtml



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    please can you email photos to g.norman at btinternet.com
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    "at" btinternet

    or"@" btinternet

    sorry - that's tickled me
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    nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    Good to see a golfer on here anyway!

    FWIW, looks like a scam to me - a bike that value, used for one race and then sold, no pictures and a link to a US website? Steer clear!
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    And you can get a 2010 model cheaper than that
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    HeniganHenigan Posts: 4
    In response to the above comments;

    I am quitting the sport due to having a 16 month old little girl and a job which requires me to work a large number of hours. Hence as much as I would like to play a round of golf or two there is no time for that either.

    The bike was purchased in 2008 specifically to race an Ironman in 2010. I turned 30 this year and to "celebrate" this milestone I decided to complete my first Ironman whilst also raising money for a good cause - To demonstrate that this is not a scam you can visit my charity website http://www.only30once.co.uk - why not leave a donation for a good cause whilst you are there....

    The bike has in fact been used for half a dozen races (incl 2 middle distance) over the 18 month period. The point I was making was that I have only trained on it in good weather conditions so as not to trash it.

    Pictures - I have taken a number of pictures although they are all above the 250kb file size limit set on this forum so could not post them - I have already and will be happy to send them to any interested buyer.

    Link to the US website - I was going to link the post the Felt website to illustrate the specification of the bike. However when looking on the net I found the above link which also gives a non biased review which I thought may be helpful - based on your perception of this that was obviously not the case!!

    Price - I have not found anywhere where this model can be purchased for new anymore and the 2010 model has an rrp of about £4,500 (albeit Wiggle sell it for £3,600 I think). I have set a price which I believe is reasonable however if it is not I am happy to change this.

    Could you please tell me where a 2010 model can be purchased cheaper?

    I hope this helps
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    Ok reduced price as bike is still for sale - £2,000 ono., Thanks
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    FELLRUNNER2 wrote:
    And you can get a 2010 model cheaper than that
    Couldn't find anything to back your comments up then no??
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    pm sent
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