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Southampton Fast Twitch 22nd August

Anyone else doing this?

I got an 8.45 start


  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Yeah, I'll be there. I've got two start numbers for some reason which I need to look into. Happily both are for the same wave: 9:20

    I started a thread on the BCTTT web-site, too, but it looks like it's only me holding up the bottom end of the results table on behalf of the BCTTT massive.

    Did you notice that the cycle route has been modified and cut down to 13 miles? Some friends drove around it last weekend and made it just 11 miles according to the car...

    So... 400m / 11 miles / 3.5 miles.

    It is going to be very, very fast and very, very painful. I'm number 234. Or number 280, depending on which one they settle on.
  • Bopo how did you get on.?

    My GPS showed cycle at 21 km's just under 13k miles

    So here's how it went

    got to Southampton on Saturday night and stayed in the Holiday Inn they booked us into a smoking room....the smell made me sick....didn't sleep well. eat a big bowl of arabiata at ASK

    Got Up 6 am checked out, stuffed a pot of muller rice in the car and drank a Lucozade.
    Checked in and got numbered up. racked up the bike and set all gear out. 20 minutes before swim necked a Gel and some water.
    Went into the pool and boy was it hot in there. as they shouted 8.45 i got in the baby pool to warm up a bit but that was a waste of time. I got put in wave 3 in lane 1 and by length 4 had passed wave 2 and 1
    400m swim in 6,39 was pleased with that. (need to start getting my bloody swim times right)
    Now to say the top end was shallow is an understatement wasn't expecting that, did a tumble on first length and bashed my head on bottom Good Bloody Start, didn't do that again. finished the swim in a comfortable 6.39 whole minutes faster than estimated.

    First out the pool on my start time nice quick transition, powerglided the feet and off i went. The weather was perfect warm overcast with a slight drizzle to keep cool. got tucked in quick and set out on the ride once out the village the roads opened up through the beautiful country side of the surrounding areas of the new forrest. Long sweeping roads and little traffic except for loads of new forrest ponies Nice........they said the ponies were being gathered up as i left on the corner entrance to Beaullie....shit i thought but actually was nice to see them especially as one trotted with me for a few hundred yards.
    Right into comfort zone until i hit that hill just outside the village, that hurt after pushing hard on my beat up old Bianchi. Tucked in for a nice fast spin all the way back to the centre.
    last 500m's got right foot out of shoe and went to get left foot out and the whole shoe came out the pedals dam it dismounted with one shoe on and one off. took the other off and carried it in nice smooth transition washed down another gel hoping carbs would hold off cramps i suffer from.

    run started smooth nothing to speak of and i gradually picked up Pace to settle in to a steady 8.7 minute mile pace and pushed to 8 min mile in the last 1.2 KM's so finished in 1 hour 17 minutes very pleased. 5 kilos lighter than last time and feeling loads easier. i aim to get another 5 to 7 kilos off life should get easier. My run is my worst discipline and today it felt the most comfortable.

    sorry to bore you all with my basic review of a sprint.

    oh and where the bloody hell is my medal not doing that one again lol
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Nice swim, Blaze! You should've joined us in a later wave. I was in the 09:20 start with an estimated time of 7mins (though I'm quicker than this) and was second out of the water, with only my coach in front. A LONG way in front...

    I posted 6:31 (beat you... ner ner ner ) which was 25th overall. My coach was in front of me with 5:51 , 9th overall and she was taking it VERY easy. How annoying. I overtook her in T1, though!

    ** Er... just checked the results and they have me down as starting in group 1. Actually I was in group 3, so they might be 20s out with my swim, giving me 6:11. I'll give them a call. **

    I posted a full Race Report on the BCTTT forum. Have a look.

    Like you I enjoyed the run most, which is all wrong for me. My bike fitness is way off at the moment, and that ride up to Hill Top seemed a lot harder than when I did it for the Swashbuckler earlier this year.

    Overall I was 100th out of 255 finishers with a time of 1:15:35.

    6:31 / 25th (or is it 6:11?) for the swim
    43:34 / 98th for the bike + t1
    25:31 / 164th! for the run + t2

    Happy with that!

    Oh... yeah... no medals, drinks bottles etc, no chip timing and the course shortened owing to an organisational cock-up! Very poor. Don't be put off Concept Sports, though: I've done loads of their races and they've always been really good. Just this year I've done Winchester sprint and Weymouth Half and they were fine.
  • I missed it that. My plans was to grab this offer for a twitch viewer bot. That way, I will be able to get lots of people that will stream my channel.

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