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Video swim analysis/coaching by tricentral - any good?

I'm currently trying to teach myself / improve my freestyle and getting no where fast. I'm thinking about booking some video analysis / coaching with http://www.tricentral.co.uk of Manchester.

Has anyone used them and are they any good? Are they worth the £60 for an off peak hour?

Many thanks for your help.


  • i recommend them highly. probably the most useful bit of tri-related cash spent to date. the video alone is worth the cost, but the advice and drills have been really useful. i plan going back in the off season for another session.

    good facility and a great set of guys.
  • KidStardust, thanks for the recommendation.

    I've just booked a 60 minute session with them for next month! I'm planning on swimming 6 out of 7 per week in the mean time. Stroke improvement (from VERY poor!) is my second short term object (my first being lose the lard!). As the lard is coming off a treat I'm focusing on little and often on the swimming. I'm trying to keep my focus and concentration at their best and making "quality not quantity" my mantra for the next however long until it pays off. I'm just resisting the temptation to rush things and end up learning poor habits and going backwards not forwards!

    Bring on the 'fish tank' (as my 5 year old keeps calling the endless pools in my swim DVD!)

    Next up will be finding a local Germany Tri club to practise my Pigeon-German and get into some regular swim training there after... now where did I leave that bloody phrase book?
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