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Planet X Stealth for the unnaturally tall

Hi All,

I'm pretty new to triathlon, and definitely new to road bikes. I'm after a bit of advice really. I've had my head well and truly turned by the Planet X £999 superlight pro. However, at 6'5" I reckon the XL frame at 56cm will be way too small [:o]

Does anyone know if there's enough adjustment in the seat and handlebars to get around this?

Many thanks


  • rj1265rj1265 Posts: 70
    I saw them at the TCR show last year and the XL stealth was def too small for me .... 6ft 7" [:@] will have to spend loads more money for similar spec bike !!!.

    But its all about your body shape e.g. long legs, short torso etc etc. and the bike shape (horizontal top tube, semi-compact or compact) and make. I ride a 63cm Trek Road Bike and a 58cm Cannondale Road Bike, both manufacturers TT bikes I have tried I need the 62/63cm.

    With the above knowledge and seeing the XL Planet X Stealth at TCR 2007, also the XL size Focus Tri Bikes were too small for me as well (I tried 1 at TCR this year).

    The bottom line is I would always try a bike at my LBS before buying especially since I don't fit into the standard size ranges.

    Am I too tall for triathlon !!! - wetsuits thats another whole can of worms (at least you can get custom made ones at reasonable prices)

    Good Luck with your bike hunt.


  • Thanks RJ,

    Glad to hear I'm not the only one who struggles. I hadn't even considered the whole wetsuit issue. I just assumed that the leg stopped just below the knee on everyone!

    I decided to opt for a specialized allez in the end, as its a very comfy frame - and I've had their mountain bikes for years. Apparently Planet X are launching a new titanium frame at some point, and they may do it in an XXL.

  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    It's too small. At the risk of getting a reputation of being a stuck record don't make the mistake of buying a bike on price point or because it's a good deal. Get a proper fitting frame and then tinker with set-up which can give you minor adustments +/- 3cm ish. See the "bike upgrade thread for my full sermon!
  • I rode two triathlons on a borrowed XL Stealth and being +6'4" with long limbs i struggled. It felt as though I was doing squats all the time (and was subsequently fatigued on the runs) and had difficulty taking on food/liquids in an aero position as i was quite hunched up (the seat post was at its limit and the seat was put as far back as possible). That being said I posted sub 1hr 25's and really enjoyed my time on the bike so can recommend the bike if it fits.

    I have just got an (XL) Specialized Transition which I find fits much better due to the shape and setback seat position that you get with the 'additional' seat post supplied with the s-works - not sure if you can get this on all models but I don't think there is much difference in the frame geom so you may be able to get the seatpost direct and integrate it onto the pro/expert/comp (yet to race on it yet though). Most settings are at or close to max but I have been on one training ride and definately found I was less fatigued.

    Hope this helps.
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