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Challenge Copenhagen 2011

Hi All,

Being relatively new here, I thought I'd say a hello to all of you regulars, I have found some very useful and amusing advice on this forum and finally decided to post again.

As, a complete reaction I have entered the above next year giving me a year to train, coming from a middle of the road marathon background and fairly decent cyclist. I'm hoping it will hold me in good stead for all the future training and the fact I swim like a brick.

Has anybody else entered this or just done the 2010 ?




  • TRIumphantTRIumphant Posts: 850
    Not done either, but good luck with the step up in distance. Having just done my first IM, the journey is as enjoyable as the final goal, you will learn a lot over the coming months, not just about yourself physically and mentally, but about fitness, hydration, nutrition etc. You'll also gain a lot of respect amongst your peers. Enjoy, and good luck.
  • jsb_bikejsb_bike Posts: 10
    Thanks a lot and congratulations on completing your first IM.

    I was looking for the next challegne and listen to the experiences on here and from friends and collegues, decided that IM was it.
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