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Sussex Tri Report

Just a quick report from the Sussex Triathlon.

I had never done this Tri before, but had heard good things about it. The venue is a private school called Ardingly College. The swim and run are held within the grounds and the bike route pretty much runs around it.

First things first, I will get my moan out of the way as the rest of the day was fantastic. I was scheduled to start my swim at 11.28. I didn't start until about 12.45 as they were running so far behind. I had waited around since 9.15, although I did go early to see my sister-in-law. The pool only has four lanes and they only let five people at the most, in a lane at any one time, for obvious reasons. Having spoken to a couple of other competitors, they said it has happened for the last couple of years. Annoying having to wait for so long, and nearly decided to call it a day and just go home.

Anyway (rant over), I didn't go home and the swim wasn't great. Total time was about 11 mins. This also includes a 200 metre run from pool to transition. Decided to draft some guy in the pool, who after four lengths, I decided was going too slow. Wouldn't get out of the way and by the time I got space to pass him, he got out! 200 metre run to transition includes a steep hill just out of the pool. Into transition and was fairly slow in there. Not sure why, probably feeling lethargic after the long wait. Well that went on the bike. Felt good on the bike, fairly hilly route, topped out at 67kph at one point which I was well pleased with. Finished the 24k bike in 46 mins after keeping a steady pace. T2 very quick. In and out in 29 secs. Run not so good. Have had a sore back for the last few days and this came to the fore on the first two laps of the run. Couldn't run properly, so uphill felt very hard and downhill was almost non existent. Almost had to walk the downhill stretches. After the first two laps, my back seemed to ease a bit and run got slightly easier. Finished in 26.40 for the run. Slow run for me, but cant complain. Overall finished 52nd out of about 320, in a time of 1.26.01. Not the best, but considering I was carrying an injury, I figure I did alright.

Overall this Tri was really good and would recommend to others. Just be prepared for a late start time if you are a swimmer. I belive that BlurredGirl and Ron99 did this one as well, so would be good to hear what they thought.

Thats it for Sprints this season now. Onwards towards my first Oly distance in July then the 70.3 in September.


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    BlurredgirlBlurredgirl Posts: 292
    My report is here:

    Lightly fried

    Also frustrated by the late start, but thought is was great event despite that. I did it last year, and there was nothing like the same delay. Not sure what went wrong.

    Well done - fantastic times - that's what I was aiming for!

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    Yeah, sorry Blurred. Would've put my report in the same thread as yours, but didn't realise till after posting.
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    j27rtj27rt Posts: 102
    I also did this event and really enjoyed it. It was my first ever tri so I competed in the novice wave (prob my fault your start times were delayed - me and swimming are not friends!) My only grumble was that the official timing was not very exact in terms of starting, the person in charge of the swim radioed through who was starting the swim and then counted individual swimmers down to start. Is this normal? I believe my time was about a minute out.

    I managed to do the swim in 8:16 which included the long run up hill to transmission as blurredgirl and conspiracy have already mentioned, and T1 went ok (1:23) for my first one, mainly thanks to Kiddle's pointers from the Conehead training days. I loved the cycle, even though I had a broken seat post which meant my saddle kept spinning around. The marshals were fantastic and the course was very scenic and mildly challenging and I completed it in 46:28. T2 didn't go as well (1:40) primarily because I kept thinking I have forgotten to do something, I hadn't but it just shows I should practice these more. The run reminded me of a school cross country seeing everyone running around the perimeter of a sports field, for the first lap my legs felt very heavy but I managed a time of 12:47. Making my overall official time 01:10:33 and a overall 6th place and 2nd in my category. Needless to say I am totally hooked and can't wait to book some more races up.

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    Ron99Ron99 Posts: 237
    I had an early start, and as all the guys have said so far, it seemed to be a bit disorganised for the swim - the briefing didn't start until 7am, which is when the race was due, so the delays were there right from the beginning. Overall though, UrbanRace did a good job, and I have to give them credit.

    Standing at the pool side waiting to start, we were kept entertained by some of the swim chaos - one notable incident involved a backstroker with a tendency to pull to the left - with four people to a lane, it doesn't take a genius to work out what came next - referees were quick to sort that out though, and put an end to our mirth. I knew my swim wasn't going to be fast, but when I got out and found my shoes had somehow moved, I wasn't best pleased. There was a sort of mini transition outside the pool, cause T1 was 200m away, up a gravely hill and onto tarmac. T1 was interesting as some bloke started talking to me, and offering me Jelly Babies! Er, cheers mate, but I'm in a bit of a hurry here. Faffed around with my bike shoes, then onto the bike in 1.30 and away. Note to self - get Tri shoes and practice getting into clipped in shoes on the bike.

    First part of the bike course was hilly, but I was soon taking people and feeling good about myself "maybe I'm not going to be last here..." A couple of challenges included getting stopped for traffic, then getting my chain naused up when I went to go. Nooo - dismount, sort the chain, and off again. A bit later, got caught behind a lorry, behind some slow cyclists, on a hill, on a narrow road - nothing to do but spin up it behind them all.

    Overall, bike was 51.31 for the 25k, which could have been quicker, but not too bad considering.

    T2 wasn't great due to some confusion in the dismount box, and a slip (but not fall) on the cleats. 1.14.

    Run was pretty uneventful, apart from trying to run in a pair of drunk legs for the first lap. Sailed home in 1.17.26. Overall, pretty happy with the result, and trying hard not to over analyse too much as it's the first one, but definitely a few areas I can improve for the next one. Roll on FGS sprint on the 28th June. Thanks to everyone on here for all the help getting this far!
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