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Back troubles

Recently got a new bike. Purchased a standard road bike and had proper fitting. When riding generally, I have no problems and the bike fit has made the new bike a hell of a lot more comfortable than my previous steed.

I also have a set of clip-on aero bars attached to the new bike, which again, when riding a steady pace, I dont seem to have any issue with. If however, I go for a ride and really push it, I get a very sore back. The pain is located in the lower back and stays for a least a couple of days. I have also noticed that I seem to have bruised hips. But the bruising is not on the skin. Its just that my hips are very tender to the touch.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I should point out that I have had back problems in the past, and accept that doing longer distance cycling will cause me to have a stiff back. But the pain associated with hard rides is completely different.


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