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First Middle Distance Race?


I am wanting to do my first half ironman distance race next year and would like some advice on good ones to do and any hints and tips you can give me. I have only just started doing triathlons this year and want to set myself this challenge to get me training regularly and with purpose.

I am getting married on 21st May so was hoping to do one before the wedding but not too close incase anything goes wrong. I have been looking at the Fuerterventura Challenge event on 1st May 2011 and also one on 30th April in Lisbon.

Any assistance on picking an event would be really apprecaited. I am happy to wait until after the wedding but my fiance does not want me possessed on our honeymoon and training loads so have to keep this in mind.

Ultimately I would like to do this and then go on and do a full either later in the year or early next year.

Thanks for any help



  • wyno70wyno70 Posts: 189
    Interesting one.

    I'd suggest that if it's your first go it'll be difficult to do both in your first year for reasons given below. I guess it depends what your base level of fitness is.

    I think if I were you I'd try 2 middle distance events next year, one early and one late, then move up to full distance the following year.

    The reason I say that, is you say you have a lot on, i.e. wedding etc and if you are going to go for the full distance you will have to fully commit to it, that means food, training etc etc etc. I did my first Ironman last year and albeit that my wife was very proud of me, it was definately a drain on her with me constantly going on about it and talking about training, racing, nutrition, race fuelling etc.

    That way you could get a fairly low key early season race in for your first one (I'd suggest Marshman as it's a dull course but dead flat) and then go for a 'nicer' race later in the season. You'll have learnt alot about yourself from the first race and can try to improve.

    Having taken on middle and full distance myself in the last 18 months, that's what I'd do. I'm sure someone else will come along very shortly and suggest something completely different but you do need to be aware that a full distance is all consuming and if you are getting 'resistance' from your (soon to be) wife already, then softly softly has to be the way to go.

    Good luck!
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