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Looking at upgrading my wheels. Really looking at 50mm aero wheels but most seem to be Tubs. As I have never had Tubs before, can anyone advise me. Do you just use them for racing, or whilst training as well? And if I puncture during a race, is this my race over if using Tubs?

Seems to me that clinchers are the "easier" option, but if anyone can point me in the rght direction of 50mm clinchers for around £500, then I would be most grateful. I have found one set called Quest, but have no idea what these are like.

I am open to buying second hand wheels and obviously, the less money I spend, the better. So 2nd hand is the preferable option if anyone knows any for sale?


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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    I recently got myself a set of zipp 404 tubs and am currently gluing the tyres on over the next few days.

    I have put one base coat on, they will be finished off tomorrow.

    Don't let people fool you into thinking that tubs are too hard to put on, its not that difficult, that said I am only half way through, but shops charge in the region of 20-25 per wheel to do it for you!

    I got tubs because I got a great deal on the 404s, they also only weigh 1300 grams which is dam light.

    Yes they are a little more work but I have been assured that the ride is better, they are more puncture resistance and with that lack of weight I will be flying up them hills!

    In terms of changing them in a race, from what I have been told its the getting them off that is the key. once thats done then you whack on a spare tub that has been used before so has some glue left on it, this should stick enough to see you home safely.

    A mate of mine says he can (and has during a race) change a tub in under 3 mins, which is a dam sight faster than a clincher!
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    agent_tiagent_ti Posts: 306
    Echoing what TommiTri says, I had a nice set of zipps (currently in LBS being checked over for damage), and they are great. They ride a little differently so a few rides before the race should be done to get used to them, especially the handling if you have never used deep sections. Getting them on the wheel is a whole damn site easier than getting clinchers on, and as long as you leave a couple of inches opposite the valve stem unglued you should be able to get them off no problem
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    husslerhussler Posts: 237
    I use tubs both in racing and training.....

    I use Tub tape to stick them to the rim, far easier and cleaner than glue plus you dont have to wait around for the glue, from what Tommitri is saying fitting them over a few days etc....

    Im ready to ride the next day using the tape, fit the tubs before you go to bed and in the morning they will be ready to rock

    Tubs are easy to change too, its the getting the damn things off the rim thats the problem, strong thumbs required!!!!

    One final thing......

    When you carry a spare tub make sure its a pre stretched one, otherwise you will be fighting to get it on. Especially in a race where you dont want to take too long to change it! I carry my old tub as a spare, which is worn but has plenty of tread on there to get me home.

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    jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    conspiracy, have a look on the planet x website, their pro carbon 50 wheels are £399.99! get some tubs and some tub tape and some skewers and all in for less than £500. and tubs are a lot easier to use than clinchers once you know how. i was really worried about switching over but after watching some videos on youtube i'm very confident with tubs and wont go back to clinchers! no more pinch flats, no more inner tubes, all good!

    the planet x wheels are here: http://www.planet-x-warehouse.co.uk/acatalog/Planet_X_Pro_Carbon_50_Wheel_Offers.html
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