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Popped down for a swim at Salford Quays last night and low and behold, algae has taken a grip.

Apparently it's a nationwide problem (presumably caused by the warm(??) summer?). Being a first season open water swimmer, is this typical for this time of year? With Tatton in two weeks I'm starting to get a little nervous about where to take my training - with these warm evenings I'm at pains to accept having to revert to the swimming treadmill.

How is Boundary at the moment? Are sessions still going ahead there and if so when? Any other late season, algae free late season options??


  • I swam at boundary water a few weeks ago, no algae but it was over grown with weeds. It didnt stop you swimming but a few first timers found it a little daunting.

    It is open every thursday evening from 1830 till dusk. I thing it is open till mid september.

    Hope that helps.
  • yes i was at boundary thurs just gone, no algae but plenty of weed, wouldnt say overgrown just normal amount,
    think the swims start earlier than 6.30 cos everytime I've been down there for half six the lake is already teaming with people already in
    I'm also doing tatton so heres hoping that doesnt get cancelled!!!!
  • The Quays is clear. The Algae is departing!
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