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hey up all
Anyone know what's going on with the tatton tri?
They said race packs would be ready from the start of last week, still nothing!
And, they would be doing wave start times from today?????


  • I'm waiting too, not sure what's happening mind you there's 2 weeks to go so hopefully they'll have all the details up this week
  • hopefully!!
    they're a week behind on putting the race packs up and never seem to answer any emails
  • BexHBexH Posts: 226
    Still waiting too...
  • finally got an email back, which said race packs would be later in the day and wave starts next week
    well the race packs werent on yesterday!!!

    Hey bex what did you put yourself down for the swim? beginner inter or expert?
  • BexHBexH Posts: 226
    Intermediate from memory although it was ages ago now... the rate I've been managing to train since taking over my new place I'll be lucky to get round in total beginner time though...!
  • Morning all,

    I recieved an email saying the race packs will be available from today (8th Sept) and the wave info will follow at the weekend. Any news on the blue/green algae?
  • BexHBexH Posts: 226
    Right-o, have read race pack briefly (what an essay that was...!) and obviously you have to rack bike the day before (Sat for Oly) but it seems to intimate you need to put all your other garb in transition at the same time. Not a problem unless it's peeing with rain? In which case does anyone know if you are allowed back in transition on the Sunday morning to remove necessary bin liners etc? Janey doesn't like getting wet and rusty and I don't fancy running in sodden shoes or wasting time in transition removing bin bags as well as my wetty?!
  • From what I read I understand that transition is open at 0645 on the Sunday morning and closes at 0745 so you won't have to lay your gear out the night before......which is a bonus
  • I have read the pack aswel, and the way i read it you can put stuff in transition in the morning, or lay it out ready.
    Not happy in a way with the leaving the bikes over night, as my bike doesnt like getting wet either lol
    And I'm a tall guy so got the biggest size bike, so will have to be an extra large bin bag!!!!
  • transition is open on race morning. it's just your bike that is left the day before.
  • Last year I just did the same as has been mentioned above, taped a load of bin bags to my bike and was able to remove them the following morning.

    I locked my bike up as well, but there was plenty of security there so assuming it's the same this year you won't have any problems.
  • BexHBexH Posts: 226
    Ha ha very funny Conehead- actually I will have at least 3 in tow and will be departing after the race in my horse drawn carriage with personal massueuse. Good eh?
  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    I see if you want to leave before 1pm you have to park in Knutsford! I hope I don't have a 7.15 wave time then, as I won't want to wait around for three hours afterwards just to get out.

    How long does it take to walk from Knutsford to Transition?

    Also, is registration on the Saturday 4 - 7 as it says on the website, or 3.30 - 5.30 as per the race pack? Can I park in the race car park before registration on the Saturday? (am wanting to take the kids there for the afternoon then register and rack up before going home, so will be there from about 1)

    I must say the race pack is full of info about stuff they sell but unclear about lots of vital details, or contradicts the website. I'm only doing this because I can't do Bala tomorrow, don't think I'll bother again if my experience so far this year is anything to go by.
  • Wave times were promised (for the 2nd time) this weekend and as it comes to a close there is nothing up on the website!!?
  • Is it normal to get info this late? Or should i say NOT get?! Maybe they have taken the money and run! They would be millionaires!!!
  • taking the piss now
  • Tryin to remember last year and I'm pretty sure they had all the details out including wave times at least 2 weeks prior - there's not too many races leave it less than a week to issue start times
  • so its not just me then!!!!
    they say one thing then a week after they say it will be on it apppears!!
    At this rate we could all just be turning up on sunday and choosing ourselves when to race!!!
    I got a suspicion its cos of the amount of people who have entered.
    But they could at least post on the site whats occuring
  • Another e-mail sent, Will report any further news, if i receive any!
  • The wave info is now for all to see on the Tatton website.
  • Cheers General as expected I got the 8am wave on Sat which means a 4hr wait after my race before i can leave ...that's if the race goes to plan of course Anyway at least we eventually got all the race details all that's left to do is to smash it up out there Have a good race everyone
  • I got the 8am start as well ironABS so see you at the start! Serves me right for being gash swimmer! I am a tri virgin so i will be at the back of the pack somewhere doing my special breast stroke! Hope your race goes well mate.
  • hey up all,
    i got 8.15 start wish is a bit of a relief, realy really really didnt want 7.15
    dont think its to do with swimming ability cos i'm amazing lol not!!!!
    but a mate of mine is a good swimmer and he's in the 7.45 start
    See you all there and good luck
    dress warm its getting chilly this week
  • BexHBexH Posts: 226
    Oh no!!!! They put me in the last wave!!! I only put myself down as Intermediate so I can only hope that I don't get caught up in mega front brawl pack... scared now.....
  • least you get to have a lie in and time to get plenty of breakfast!!!
    dont think swim waves are done in level
    think they mix em up so bit of all abilities in each one
  • BexHBexH Posts: 226
    Don't we still have to get there mega early to sort out transition before it closes and the race briefing? Would love extra hours in bed... oh and does anyone know if you can take dogs as my main man would love to come and watch (ie. get loads of attention from people wanting to pat him)
  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    Wave 5 - 8.30.

    Thinking of getting there early and parking in Knutsford. Don't want to wait until 1pm to leave, plus I imagine leaving the car park will be chaos at 1.
  • In peply to the question regarding dogs by BexH. The answer i got from the Tatton tri organisors was to contact tatton Park who stated that dogs are more than welcome as long as they are kept under control. I would hate to be beaten on the swim leg by a stray dog!!!
  • Another quick question, (hopefully not a stupid one!). I am in wave one for my first triathlon on Saturday and i have caculated that around 190 people are in it? How big is Tatton mere? How many safety boats will be required to marshal that madness?
  • With all this rain we're getting and due to get I reckon transition and the run may be a touch boggy on the plus side the lake should be nice and full
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