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  • BexHBexH Posts: 226
    Cheers, the dog will be happy then. I'm coming up from Dorset- the forecast looks ok for Sunday; it hasn't been great down here the past few days but was hoping it would blow over and at least be dryish? Anyone seen a better forecast?
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Tatton mere is plenty big enough and 190in a wave is no prob, Outlaw was about 900, IMUK about 1000 I think so don't worry.

    http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?hl=en&q=t ... a=N&tab=wl

    Forecast is light rain which is the same forecast for my event the Southwell Esendex Last Minute Tri

    Don't wimp out and put on jackets - you are going to be wet anyway - tough it out - you'll be OK

    See this thread

    Good luck
  • Well Zacnici if you say Tatton Mere is big enough for 190+ people then that is fine by me! My plan is to simply enjoy my first effort at triathlon, earn a wedge for charity and go and enjoy a well deserved beer. If it rains then so be it! I hope you have a good race mate. Cheers
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    General - don't worry Tatton Mere is plenty big enough, about a mile long and almost a quarter mile wide, used to go there quite often when I was younger.

    Thanks and good luck to yourself as well.
  • pippip Posts: 170
    I'm in the bloody 7.15 wave on sunday morning which i am not H P about because if the weather is rubbish i'll have to wait 2 sodding hours before i can bugger off home.So because i'm in the 1st wave doesthat mean i'm an elite swimmer or an old knacker......personally speaking an old knacker fits the bil.
    See you on sunday
  • weather forecasts are all still a bit vague.
    they mostly say showers and just checked on one site and the greater chance of rain is in the afternoon so hopefully we will all have finished.

    Not sure how they've done the swim waves, i think they have mixed up em so everyone is not swimming on top of each other, mixed levels to open it up in the wave
  • waiting too.....
  • So did anyone else enjoy the mudbath that was the Tatton Park olympic triathlon? The run leg was like a flashback to school cross country, covered in mud and sliding all over the place.

    I think the weather might have been better for the sprint on the Saturday
  • I did the Sprint Distace on the Saturday- having considered entering the Olympic distance I felt fairly smug on Sunday when I looked out of the window. Well done to all those who completed the Olympic Distance in those conditions.

    Obviously we had the better weather on the Saturday and I thought that, from a competitors perspective, the race course was really well laid out. However, I don't think the event was particularly well set up for supporters and spectators. The race village area was too small and over-crowded and the queues for a coffee were ridiculous! My wife was a little disappointed particularly as I had sold it as being spectator friendly (I had thought as it was an event in a National Trust Park it would be ideal).

    Another gripe is that the organisers were not thorough in checking the results- did anybody else notice that 2nd and 3rd places had an impossibly quick bike time that clearly indicated the athletes had only completed one lap of the bike course. I'm not a very experienced triathlete, but I would have thought that it is fairly basic to carefully chck the results for these kind of things before they are published. The organisers have now re-issued the sprint results page- so if you finished anywhre behind 3rd place add two or three places to what you previously saw as your finish position.

    Will I go next year- probably,but there is definitely room for improvement.

    I'd be interesed to know anybody else thoughts and comments.
  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    I thought my run time in trhe Oly (49 mins) was very depressing but having looked at the results I now feel happier. I guess I'd not realised how much it would slow people running through mud so much - 3/4 of the run is on grass and on Sunday significant amounts of this was just mud.
  • I did the sprint distance on saturday too. As a first timer i cant really compare the event with others. Having said that it was obvious that there were a few organisation problems for all to see. Registering was a nightmare, the transition area was chaotic. The idiot steward that was swearing and pushing people around in there did not help matters. He was the exception mind and i have nothing but praise for the rest of the volunteers that gave up there time to help out over the weekend. They were all very supportive and helpful.

    All in all a good day had, i will definately be doing the event again next year. Start saving now!
  • General,

    Well doen to you, sir, on completing your first triathlon. Glad that you are also hooked to the sport and will be back for more. I totally agree with your comments about registration. I was told that if I presented my BTF licence then i would be entitled to a £5 refund. However, the lady at registration showed no real interest in checking my id at all. Do yo know what the score is with the refund?
  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    focusmatty wrote:

    Well doen to you, sir, on completing your first triathlon. Glad that you are also hooked to the sport and will be back for more. I totally agree with your comments about registration. I was told that if I presented my BTF licence then i would be entitled to a £5 refund. However, the lady at registration showed no real interest in checking my id at all. Do yo know what the score is with the refund?
    I asked, most of them had no idea, but one had a sheet to note my number on and said my refund will be posted to me. We'll see.
  • Jules,

    Thanks for the post. I am perhaps stating the obvious but to the cynic it would seem that their reluctance to see the BTF Licence translates to their reluctance to send a £5 cheque in the post. Pretty shoddy really.
  • Did my run in 51 mins so you beat me Jules! The bike leg saved me and managed to get round in 2.35 which I was pleased with. Did the sprint last year in glorious sunshine but this year was a bit different. The organisation was the same and registration for the olympic was pretty easy though it was the day before and when I showed my BTF card as ID I didn't get my £5 refund! I didn't have any problems with stewards myself but I saw one guy getting hassled by a really over-zealous lady and the transition from swim to bike. The guy had mounted his bike before a faint square painted on the tarmac as "bike mounting zone" so the steward stood blocked his route and shouted at the poor guy.....I'm surprised she didn't get run over...
  • well done all who did it, either day
    i did sundays, weather was terrible, just glad mine started early as the mud bath sorry run i did was not good so feel for the later ones.
    They did ask for licence or id to get get day license on sunday!!!!
  • BexHBexH Posts: 226
    I liked the rain- it cooled me down ha ha. But I didn't like the foot grabber in the swim; she got booted in the end as I got annoyed! The bike was epic despite the wet roads but there weren't too many corners. Saw a lot of punctures though... The run was crap; so muddy I thought I was back at the Kamikaze bog running again! I was in the last wave though so it was very churned up and parts you just had to jog walk or arse over tit was going to be order of the day and I didn't fancy that. Looks like I didn't finish too far behind most of you boys so pleased with that; 2.51

    I saw that lady marshall yelling and pushing at people too- she looked kind of Maori? Same one? Other than that though I thought it was pretty well organised in general considering the conditions and I'm glad they took the sensible decision to keep transition open all day Sunday... would do it again if it wasn't so far away and expensive...
  • That was the one.....she scared me a little bit
  • pippip Posts: 170
    Iwas one of thr unlucky puncture victims and had to wait about 45 mins to be taken back to transition.Iwas well pissed off i can tell you,then the transition marshall came up to me and said he was going to DQ me for removing my helmet before i'd racked me bike."No probs mate my race is over anyway because i punctured".Ithink he then felt sorry for me and was mega nice to me convincing me to do the run,which i did and i must say it was quite a tricky run but i did end up sort of enjoying it,but the finish felt a bit hollow to me even though i got the medal.Always next year .
    I too noticed the 2nd and 3rd placed guys doing ridiculously quick times.Fabian Cacellarra eat your heart out i think your world TT tittle is in danger
  • BexHBexH Posts: 226
    Is anyone else getting peed off waiting for the age group results? Well over a week and considering it was chip timing and bloody expensive you'd have hoped they'd have done it by now...
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    I must say from what has been said here both I and my manservant will give this one a miss. I appreciate volunteers and marshalls but they sound rather OTT.

    Most refs I know will only DQ as last resort or where your standing as an elite is blindingly obvious, they will usually tell you to stop, go back to just before you did the silly thing and then do it properly.
  • BexHBexH Posts: 226
    Still no age group results. Emailed them to ask when likely to be done and no reply.... that was about 3 days ago. Pretty poor show.
  • fire trifire tri Posts: 173
    Do they do age group results?
  • fire trifire tri Posts: 173
    Just got an email back from tatton, saying that the age group results are on, so had a look, so I assume they mean, all men under 40 are one age group then it goes up in 10's and the womens are under 35 and then same way!!!!
  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    Finally got my £5 BTF refund back this week.
  • Far from impressed with this event, culminating in the way they have given the results, I can't see any age group breakdown apart from one male cat (+40?). surely they know triathletes are a bunch of information hungry creatures that live and die by their age group placing?
  • fire trifire tri Posts: 173
    I got another email from them saying something about there results manageress doing the group results and the 40 and over thing was standard!!!
    Although check last years results and funny they are in age groups proper
  • BexHBexH Posts: 226
    I'm really peed off about the results thing. My first Oly and it went pretty well by my standards so would at least have liked to know how I did in agegroup. I'm going to email them again as like you said they had full race results last year. When you pay that much for a race it's the least they could do especially with chip timing to make things easier as I assume data is tabulated when downloaded. I'm not one to complain about things like this generally but it is now a month since race and there's virtually no point submitting my results to our club website as so out of date!!
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