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Womens Specific Road bike??

Hello all,

Just wondering if I could pick your brains about womens road bikes. I have just started off in the world of triathlons and am looking to buy a new bike (around the £700 mark). I have been looking around and have found that there is very little choice for womens specific road bikes within this price range. From peoples experience, is there any real advantage to having a womens specific bike (as I am a woman!!) or would a mans bike with a shorter reach and smaller frame be just as sufficient? It appears that I can get more for my money with a normal mans bike.

Also, I'm roughly 5'7", what sort of size frame should I be looking at?

Any advice/thoughts would be much appreciated [:)]


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    transittransit Posts: 163
    I think the women's bikes are a bit gimmicky. As you said, just get a 'man's' bike and ensure it fits. My lass is same height as you and has just got a medium sized planet X frame with small build (stem etc). Previously she's been riding my small Claud Butler Milano no probs at all. Frame size will depend on you so hard to say exactly which one would be right although certainly small-ish.
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    legalbeaglelegalbeagle Posts: 208
    Hi there, I ride a "men's frame" Peugeuot which siuts me fine. I agree with the sentiment that the women spefific ones are a bit if a gimick (though I'm sure someone will point out my ignorance). Went to an expo last year and saw "girlie" ones in PINK - what the hell is that all about!!

    Best advice I can give -is but one that feels comfy - of course, to keep up with all the regulars, it should be fast, expensive, red and have a bag of potatoes on it! (if the latter is liost on you - see post on fog in the gogs)

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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Comfort must rule of course, but I did read somewhere that womens specific does depend on who is making it, & the design process is improving..initially a WSD was just a small frame & short stem arrangement, this will have handling implications. I believe the bigger manufacturers have researched more & are making bikes more suited to the shorter torso/longer legs (to generalise) shape of women. As far as pink goes they make pink bikes because pink is from red but not as red thus not as fast & therefore won't be beating any men!

    Lady Britspin wants to know what the Scott 'contessa' is all about, a bike named after an underwear shop? Surely not.

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    dunedogdunedog Posts: 15
    Just got into tri and Mrs DD is tagging along. She had a similar bike problem and LBS said just find the most comfortable one. In the end she got the Trek 2.1 WSD (£750) with carbon forks and rear stays but she did try various male / female models. She got it in 52 and is around your height. Had no problems with it and very comfortable on the road. She's using it for Wimbleball and is pretty happy with it. Might want to change the stock seat though as its very wide.
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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Lady Britspin rides a Specialized Dolce..loves it.
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    Hi Belly

    Not sure if it'll help, but 220 Triathlon has a big supplement on Women's Triathlon this month. I think they cover things like women's specific tri kit, like bikes, trisuits, wetsuits etc. so it might help on the bike choice (sorry - I'm afraid mine has since hit the bin so I can't check it).


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    Hello everybody. Thankyou all for your great advice. I have just bought the new edition of 220 triathlon as well as another triathlon magazine I found today (triathletes world?!) and plan to spend all my antisocial evening reading it! Am also off to a bike shop tomorrow to trial both mens and womens bikes. Hopefully I will be coming back with a very exciting purchase that will most definately not be pink! [:D]
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