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Revolution Hard Transit Bike Box with Wheel Bags - £50

I have a Revolution Bike Box for sale, that I have only used to ship my bike once (Only one-way as I was moving back from Germany)

It has a couple of little scratches on the outside, which just shows the level of competency from baggage handlers.

I do not really want to put this on Ebay due to the high shipping costs, so any body wanting to buy this can collect from me in Chesterfield.

I paid over £170 for this a couple of years ago. I need a quick sale so am only asking £50 for it

Email me at [email protected] if interested



  • further pics and info:

    Revolution Transit Hard Case With Wheel Bags

    A strong case for Best Value Bike Box Award.

    Owning a Revolution Transit Hard Case With Wheel Bags removes much of the anxiety of entrusting your favourite bike to airport baggage (mis)handling.

    * The case is built in an extremely tough samsonite-like rigid plastic. This Hardcase therefore shrugs off large weights being placed upon it, and survives being dropped.
    * To further protect the bike, the case is lined, top and bottom, with high-density 'egg box-shaped' foam - as employed in professional camera cases - to ensure the bike doesn't rattle about in transit.
    * Also supplied with 2 substantial blocks of foam to protect the frame from, for instance, removed handlebars.
    * Easily-adjustable elastic straps crisscross, and thus further immobilise, the bike in the Revolution Transit Hard Case With Wheel Bags.
    * The case closes via six strong clips - 2 on each side.
    * The clips on the top are lockable - either with the key provided or via a combination lock mechanism.
    * The Revolution Transit Hard Case has wheels - 4 of them.
    * As well as a suitcase-like handle on top, a popup handle near the top of the case's 'front side' makes it easy to wheel the Revolution Transit Hard Case along airport walkways.
    * Supplied with accessory bag for storing, for instance, the bike's pedals.
    * The Revolution Transit Hard Case comes supplied with a pair of padded wheel bags. These are quality zipped bags which would normally retail for around £20 each.
    * 13kg.
    * 80cm high x 115cm wide x 29cm deep.
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