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Spare tub/ sealant options

I have taken the plunge and moved to tubs on my tri bike thanks, in part, to the good advice on this forum.

So far I have only used the wheels on a couple of sprints and short TTs taking the risk of a DNF and a walk back if I puncture.

Thinking ahead to using them on longer events and taking a puncture repair option I was curious of what others use and experiences with sealants.

- Is it better to use a pre-stretched tub as a spare or after sitting on the back of the seat for months would it not return to it's original shape/size?

- I have decided to go for glue over tape. Should I apply a layer of glue to the spare tub?

- Do people tend to carry a less expensive/fast tub as a spare?

- What are peoples experience of sealants? I have only experienced them through MTBing and the green slime make wheels heavy. Most sealants I have seen need to be applied before by removing the valve.

Any advice appreciated.

Regards, Derek.


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    You can 'pretreat' with Vittoria Pit stop, I understand that the treatment lasts about 3 months but couldn't swear to that. Here is a link you may find useful:

    In fact just did a search on the forum and came up with my own contribution a few months back

    Have a look at this Youtube clip:
    Never heard of Stans, think its for MTBs though, not sure.

    As Conhead says get the same tub, if you have a puncture that is not repairable by Pit Stop or similar I understand that it is such a pain to repair you may as well just replace.

    If you pre glue your spare before a race remember to unpack it and inflate after otherwise it could just stick together. Not what you want when you need to replace it in a race you have a catstrophic flat on the rim and useless lump of rubber and glue in your hands as you try and pull it apart.
  • So, with the advice so far and a bit of browsing I came across Tufo sealant and this web site on it's use.

    http://www.competitivecyclist.com/road- ... _1423.html

    Anyone used this themselves??

    Regards, Derek.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Not used the Tufo, have the Pit Stop but touch wood not used it yet.

    Big caveat with Tufo, you need tubs with removaeable cores e.g. Continetal Competitions else it gets v messy as I understand. Also keep inflated if pretreated as once the innards touch, game over so no pretreating a spare that you are going to fold.
  • I carry a light weight Tufo tub - saves weight and folds up smaller.

    You need to prestretch the tub and give it one coat of glue.

    If you don't use it the tub for a while it's worth stretching the tub again in my opinion.

    I have used the Pitstop product for slow punctures.

    If you need to change it in a race just take your time. It should hold firm if the pressure is high enough but becareful on fast desents and tight corners.
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    glue................ really?

    Tub Tape works just as fine and is nowhere near as messy.

    Tufo tubs are fine - to a point. Yes they are lightweight but nowhere near as good quality as Continentals. I've just quite a few tufo tubs - used for training only. In races then its Continental Competitions.

    Always pre-stretch the tubs - as CH says. And perhaps remember that if using valve extenders to either remove the valve from the tub prior to fitting the extender or to ensure that its left open. You don't want to fit the new tub only find out you forgot to open the valve....

    I'm generally finding that I can switch a tub over in similar time to changing a tube.....

    If anyone wants to see the effects of sealer in a race/ sportive - Ask Hussler.... after seeing that stuff spew out his wheel then I'd rather just take a spare tub with me.
  • Spare tub - same as the tub your running - ensure that its pre-stretched using CH's method above

    Tape is just as good as glue without the mess

    Just echoing what CH said above really.......

    Sealant - vittoria pit stop = Shit.....complete waste of time if your gona use it on the fly if you have a puncture.....however pre treating your tub with prior to using then not sure as not done this so cant comment.

    What I have done with the Tub on my Disc wheel is:

    1) it had a slow puncture
    2) I used specialized tub sealant and filled the tub, took about 30 mins to do and was a little messy but then inflated the tub and now the Tub has still maintained its pressure 4 months on and all I need to do is top it up prior to using it. Where as before I had to re-inflate every 60 miles! On a HIM I would start the race with 130psi and finish the race with about 60psi!!!

    So in my opinion pre treat your tubs with the Specialized sealant and you wont have a problem ever again!
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Re Continental Competitons, get the Continental valve extenders
    http://www.wiggle.co.uk/p/cycle/7/Conti ... 360042908/

    No plumbers tape, extract the core from the valve, screw on the extenders, screw in the core, simples!

    I thought Specialized had pulled their sealant? Have they relaunched? Head hurts, every sealant seems to have someone who doesn't like it, Tufo, Pit Stop, Slime all seem to have raves and detractors. Was put off Slime as there were comments about fiddly getting past the valve but with Continetal Competitions the valve core is removeable so will have to think some more on this ... mmmm ... no head stilll hurts.
  • Used properly Pitstop works. I am sure used properly the sealants work too but I have only every used them when downhill MTB racing where weight is less important.

    You need to give consideration to the type of tube in the tub. Conti Competitions are really the ones to go for in my opinion. Some of the lighter tubs like some of the Vittorias have latex tubes which don't hold air very well .
  • I did exactly what it said on the tin for the Pitstop and all it did was make my tub inflate for about 2 miles before puncturing again...im an experienced cyclist and an engineer so its not that I know nothing about fixing things....like some of the guys who post on here and get things wrong when fixing things or simply just dont know what to do or how to do it....

    Dont know whether Specialized had pulled their sealant, I bought mine from Evans a few months ago....

    And I only use Conti Competitions, Both for training and racing and in 19mm too. No other Tubs compare for puncture protection and quality, yes they are very expensive but if you buy cheaper alternatives youll buy twice as many so it works out cheaper to spend the extra on the competitions.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    So Hussler did you pretreat with Specialized or was it it a repair? As I'm very new to tubs have not pretreated as still weighing up; I had looked at the various sealanst and at the time Specialized had pulled their Airlock Pro Sealant, their stop notice has now been deleted but cached on Google search:
    Due to the poor performance in extreme conditions, we are asking the Dealers to stop selling the Specialized Airlock Pro Sealant. This notice is not safety related, only performance related. This letter is to inform the dealers to remove the product from the shelf and to stop selling the current Pro Lock in all sizes.
    Dealers/customers who are dissatisfied with the performance of the Airlock Pro Sealant can receive a credit at the store and the dealer can apply this to their Warranty Credit form.

    Our Tire/Tube Developers are currently working on an improved compound that will meet the rigorous standards of both Specialized and our valued customers.
    Following your post did a search and Specilized describe the sealant:
    Our newly redeveloped self sealant is now available in bottled form to make any tube Airlock'd and puncture proof. Technical features surpass the competition in flat protection performance

    So by the sound of it you have the new stuff and as you have the same tyres, Continetal Competitions (on your recommendation - and I'm very pleased with them), reckon I will go for that in pretreating. I'll still carry my Pit Stop, spare tub, and CO2 carts as I'm paranoid like that.
  • I didnt pre treat them...

    A couple of years ago, continental used to say pre stretch the tubs by standing on them with the valve between your feet and pulling up..... loads of guys I know used to do this too....
    So thats what I used to do....

    Then last year I noticed that my brand new tub I had put on prior to the Tour of the Peak, punctured during the TOTP, I used the pitstop and it didnt work.... so I swapped the punctured one for my spare....well I tried too...I had forgot to put the extender on the valve of the spare and couldnt remove the old one on the punctured one..... so I walked back to my car and went home.

    Now when I got home I Did a few tests with a product called Stans no tube sealant, from their website video it showed the guy slicing the tyre with a knife and hammering nails in it etc and the tyre stayed up so I thought this has too seal my Tub.

    Nope, it didnt work either.... but it did highlight why I had punctured!

    Their were more holes in it than a fish net! all along the stitching.....
    This was due to me using continentals old way of pre stretching, it had actually tore the Tube inside the Tub away from the stitching and therefore loads of holes everywhere.... I had pre stretched my tub on my disc wheel the same way and it would deflate in a matter of 60 miles if riding and if not riding then 24 hours.....

    I then used the specialised stuff in this tub on my disc......and its plugged it all and apart from being quite messy it has stayed up since! Yes it is slightly heavier, not by much and it still rolls evenly!

    I would recommend pre treating deffo with this stuff, but I havent had a puncture since using it so cant say if it would actually plug a puncture if it happened after pre treating them.....
  • AvoneerAvoneer Posts: 174

    Going through the same pondering process as got my tubs fitted with valve extenders (planet x ones - cheaper than wiggle) and got a tri in 3 weeks.

    I bought some slime from Wilkinsons for £5 and intend to put half in each tub via the removeable valve core.

    Will let you know what happens.

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